10 Best Online Free Video Editors That You Would Love

People around the globe are nowadays very enthusiastic about vlogs. Most social media platforms also facilitate their members to create and share video logs. And the vloggers generate revenue from their video logs when they get advertisement affiliation. But for creating attractive videos, an individual need to present them in a proper format or presentation. For that, you need a professional video editor to edit the videos you may have shot with your cam or smartphone. But professional video editors are not always accessible. Here in this article, we will be discussing 10 such online free video editors, with which you can easily edit videos online and give a professional look to them.

Moreover, you can access these online video editors from any device, at any time, and anywhere. There is no boundary to access the service. Only you need to have an active internet connection. It can be accessed from your phone, laptop, desktop, or tab. So you don’t have to carry your laptop everywhere, so as to organize your video editing project.

Now let’s find out, what are those online free video editing providers, which facilitate you to edit your videos online.

Top 10 free online video editors

1. ClipChamp online free video editor

Clipchamp is an excellent online video editing and creation tool for different social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. And you can even create videos without any watermark on them. There is a good stock of free and copyright-free music and intro video templates. You can use those templates to create your video more attractive. However, there are some premium features and templates that prevail. If you want to use those premium features and templates, you must upgrade to its essentials plan. If you want a detailed overview of this online tool, you may relate to our article on Clip Champ. Currently, Clip Champ has been acquired by Microsoft. More interesting part is that, it does not leave any watermark on the output video. So you can use it for creating your own videos for Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.

ClipChamp online free video editor with no watermark

2. Canva free Video Editor

Canva is a versatile tool in the field of media editing. It not only deals with video editing or creation. You can use this application for docs, whiteboard designs, presentations, social media content, videos, print products, website graphics, photo collages, desktop wallpapers, book covers, magazine covers, calendars, CD covers, invoices, Youtube intros, phone wallpapers and lots more. However, as in this article, we are dealing with video editing features so we will focus on the video editing part of Canva. On a similar note, Canva to offers different templates and features to edit or create any video file. And most important is that the interface is so easy that a novice can even manage to use this application to edit or create any video.

It has both free and pro plans. If want to access the brand hub feature along with some premium functions and templates, then you have to upgrade to a paid plan. Although we already had an article in our archive on logo designing with Canva.

Canva- Online free video editor
Canva- Online free video editor

3. Veed.io Online video editor

Veedi.io mainly focuses on video and audio podcast creation. With this tool, you can easily create videos and make the video attractive using different types of pre-built templates according to the theme of your video. Simultaneously you can create live videos and podcasts and share them on different social media platforms. Its interface is full of different editing features, but it’s too simple, even a beginner would not find any problem using this tool. However, there are some limitations to the free account holders. So if you are planning to upgrade to the paid plan, you may have a try using the free account first.

Veed.io Online Video Editor
Veed.io Online Video Editor

4. Kapwing

Like the previous one in the list, Kapwing is another online video editing tool. However, if you are using this tool as a free user, then there are certain limitations in its usage. And you will receive a watermark on the output video file. If you like its features then you can upgrade to the pro plan. The interface gives a professional look and is rich with lots of features.

Kapwing Online Video Editor

5. Kizoa

Kizoa is basically designed for making videos by making photo collages and photo slide shows, with some effects and adding audio to it. These are fundamental video editing features such as trimming, adding effects, texts, logos, watermarks, and so on. It has some pre-built templates for making your video more attractive and presentable. However, it also has some paid plans for creating high-resolution video and online storage features along with no watermark option.

Kizoa Online video Creator
Kizoa Online video Creator

6. InVideo.io

InVideo is another online free video editor with which you can create videos using your photos or video and even create slide show videos from any script, with text-to-speech features. However, the most important part is that in the free plan, you can’t download those videos created with this application. To export or download the created videos you need to purchase any paid plan. Although you can enjoy creating or editing videos using this application. There are several premium templates and stock media, which will get unlocked in the paid plans.

InVideo Online Video Editor
InVideo Online Video Editor

As a hack to this, you can use any screen recorder to record the videos, after the videos are created and played online.

7. FlexClip

Flexclip is another excellent online video editing and creation tool. It is loaded with lots of features and options which are required for video editing purposes. Moreover, this free video editor is loaded with several free templates and stock videos, and audio. You may use them as per the theme and purpose you are using them. However, you may use them for free, but while exporting the videos, the watermark of FlexClip will be present. To remove the watermark, you need to upgrade to the paid plan.

FlexClip Online video editor
FlexClip Online video editor

8. Animoto

Animoto is a simple free online video editing tool. You either create your own video using the templates or stock videos or you may use your own photos and videos to create slide show videos. The interface is easy to use. As well you can record your own audio and add it to the video. However, if you are using it as a free user, then the output video will contain a watermark. To remove the watermark, you need to upgrade to paid plans.

Animoto online free video editor
Animoto online free video editor

9. Flixier

Flixier is also an excellent online free video editing tool, loaded with advanced video editing features and templates, and audio. However, nothing is completely free, whenever you try to export the edited videos, the application will stamp a watermark on your output video. And to generate the output video without a watermark using Flixier, you need to switch to its paid plan.

Flixier Online Video Editor
Flixier Online Video Editor

10. Visme

Visme is not only designed to use as an online video editing tool. However, it has versatile utility in the field of media editing. The menu of their catalog starts with presentations, documents, whiteboards, charts/graphs, infographics, Social media, video/Gifs, printables, and web graphics. mockups, invoices, letterheads, logos, receipts, collages, storyboards, mood boards, labels, and so on. And there are so many sub-categories divided according to your requirement.

But as we are discussing the video editing part in this article, so let’s focus on the video editing segment of Visme. However, frankly speaking, it is not a conventional video editing tool. You can create intros or outers or short animated videos and so on. You can even create Facebook, youtube, and Instagram video ads with Visme. There are lots of pre-built templates and stock videos, which you can use and edit as per your requirement to create your own. If you want to download the videos created with Visme, you need to subscribe to the paid plan. However, you can share the video stored on the Visme server with the URL for free. We are sharing a demo video created with Visme below.

Made withVisme


So, in this article we tried to put forward 10 different online free video editor with which you can edit your videos, create intros and outers, and even use them to create advertisement videos. However, none of them are completely free. They either leave their footprint or watermark on the videos while you download them or ask for paid subscription to use them on other platforms. If you are using them for commercial use, then you may opt for the premium or paid plan. Just go through them, and use the one as per your convenience and requirement.

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