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We have come across different PDF Editors, but in most of the cases, we have seen that limitations are there in their features, mostly in the case of the freeware. However, if the software is a paid one, then it might be packed with all the features to edit or create a PDF file. But, we have come across a PDF editor loaded with lots of features, which provides both online and offline service, and that too at zero cost but of limited usage.

Yes, as you have seen in the title of this article, we are talking about PDFCandy. PDFCandy has developed an excellent both online version and offline version of the pdf editing software. However, the offline version is developed for Windows operating system only. For other operating system users such as Mac or Linux or Android, you have to use only the online version from your system’s browser.


How to use PDFCandy PDF editor?

PDFCandy offers both online and offline services. If you want to use only the online service then browse to the PDFCandy Home Page. There are forty-four tiles of different pdf editing options. You may choose as per your requirement.

PDFCandy free online PDF editor home page
PDFCandy free online PDF editor home page

What are the PDF editing options available?

PDFCandy is loaded with lots of features, which is almost unbelievable for a free editing tool.

The available options are:

  1. Compress PDF
  2. Merge PDF
  3. PDF to Word
  4. Word to PDF
  5. Excel to PDF
  6. JPG to PDF
  7. PDF to JPG
  8. PDF Converter
  9. Rearrange Pages
  10. Edit Metadata
  11. Edit PDF
  12. Split PDF
  13. Delete Pages
  14. PDF to DOCX
  15. PDF OCR
  16. DOCX to PDF
  17. Unlock PDF
  18. Protect PDF
  19. Add Watermark
  20. Rotate PDF
  21. Crop PDF
  22. Resize Pages
  23. HTML to PDF
  24. EPUB to PDF
  25. DjVu to PDF
  26. MOBI to PDF
  27. FB2 to PDF
  28. PNG to PDF
  29. TIFF to PDF
  30. BMP to PDF
  31. RTF to PDF
  32. PDF to RTF
  33. ODT to PDF
  34. PPT to PDF
  35. TXT to PDF
  36. XML to PDF
  37. PDF to PNG
  38. CHM to PDF
  39. PDF to BMP
  40. PDF to TIFF
  41. Extract images
  42. Extract text
  43. Page Numbers
  44. Header and Footer

Thus, from the list above, it is seen that the options are available, are more than our expectations. Almost nothing is left out, as a PDF editor.

But, PDFCandy is not completely free, because they had limitations while using the free version. You can not perform more than one task per hour. But if you access from different browsers, then against a single browser, you will be able to perform one task per hour.

And if you want to perform more than one task and don’t want to bound yourself within any kind of limitations, then you have to purchase their subscription plan.

Limitations of PDFCandy
Limitation of PDFCandy

What at the subscription plans offered and benefits of PDFCandy PDF Editor?

Currently, there are three plans available. The first plan is for the web or online service only and costs $6 per month. The second one is also for web or online services and costs $48 annually. The third one is both for desktop or offline and Web or online service, and it costs $99 for a lifetime.

If you purchase any of the licenses then you don’t have to wait for hourly limit access. There will be an increase in file size tasks up to 500MB. Your task will be processed on high priority and you don’t have to wait in any queue. Also, there will be a priority support team, which will help you out, in case of any problem faced by you, while processing your task.

For testing purposes, we had executed 3 to 4 different tasks in the PDFCandy PDF editor. And PDFCandy had executed the task successfully and with proper output. There were no issues with the output files.



Thus, from the result or output that we received after testing the features of the PDFCandy PDF editor, we are very much satisfied and its versatile approach is really appreciable. If you want to edit the PDF files, then you can easily use its free version. Otherwise, you could try changing different browsers. However, it is like a trick, we recommend you to purchase its subscription plan if you want to use its service regularly.

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