Windows 365 is now available for all – An important announcement by Microsoft

In the era, when Microsoft has already announced the release of Windows 11, another important announcement Microsoft made is Windows 365, a cloud-based operating system by Microsoft is now made available for general people. The operating system can be accessed from any operating system of a computer or mobile device supporting a web browser and an active internet connection.

Cloud computing is now a day is very popular and Microsoft is not behind in this sector. Microsoft’s Azure has also gained popularity. Now Microsoft has made its cloud-based operating system available for every individual.

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Plans and pricing

However, the service of Windows 365 is not free, you have to pay for Microsoft’s cloud PC. Presently there are two types of plans available, one is “Business” plan and the other is “Enterprise” plan. However, there are several plans under these two plan types, as per the system requirements, that is the processor type, RAM, and the internal storage. It is advised, please check the plan details under the “Plans and Pricing” tab.

Features of Windows 365

Windows 365
Windows 365

Currently, as Windows operating system is being most popular operating system globally, so it can be said that almost all of us are already familiar with the environment of the Windows operating system. And most of the software developing companies create their products, keeping in mind the large Windows operating system customer base. However, Microsoft had introduced Microsoft Store from the Windows 8 edition, so you will be able to install most of the popular app or software directly from the Microsoft store directly.

So, as with the previous versions of Microsoft Windows, you will be able to enjoy all these features in your Cloud PC. But in the previous versions, what you have to do is, you needed a personalized physical hardware setup, and your operating system used to run on that setup. But in this case, you are using a remote computer or a virtual machine to work for you. No physical hardware setup is required. But you have to pay rent for the remote setup.

The remote computer will run your personalized app or software and perform accordingly on your behalf. And you could just instruct that remote computer from any device, that may be a mobile device or a computer. The performance of your tasks will depend on the hardware configuration of your remote computer. The accessing device will just act as an output device.

How to manage your Cloud PC?

There will be separate login for every individual who signs up for the service. You will be able to access or manage your cloud pc through, from any of your browsers or app-based access is also available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. However as of now, Linux app-based access is not available, hope to see it in the upcoming days.

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Licensing and subscription

Pricing will be as per the choice of your plan and hardware requirement of the virtual machine. You have to purchase the plan and pay accordingly a fixed monthly charge to access the cloud PC and an additional cost may also apply as per the network usage.

You could cancel or withdraw your subscription any time from the Microsoft 365 admin center and will be entitled to a partial refund if any. And all your data will be deleted.

As of now, Microsoft is providing two months free trial plan, so you may enjoy its benefits for free using this free trial plan. But due to high demand, Microsoft has stopped the trial service as of now. You need to sign up and Microsoft will notify you once the service resumes.

Is there any possibility to upgrade or downgrade plan?

Microsoft provides the feature to resize and upgrade the RAM size, CPU, and internal storage size. However, customers are not permitted to downgrade their plans.

What is Hybrid Benefit and who is qualified for it?

The customer who is having a valid Windows 10 Pro license, will be eligible for this hybrid benefit. While purchasing a license for Windows 365. will get a discount of up to 16%, which may vary on the plan type you are selecting for cloud pc and the region you are residing in.


Cloud computing, remote technology, and virtual machines are the upcoming technology along with artificial intelligence integration. Microsoft has forwarded one more step, by introducing Windows 365, for all. Thus, hope this will enrich the popularity of Microsoft in the global technology competition. There are much more advancements and developments are expected from Microsoft, in the future.

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