10 Best Ways To Share Large Files Online For Free

Although there are several ways to transfer large files online in the era of cloud technology, there are still several limitations in sharing large files. Today in this article we will try to present information about the top 10 large file-sharing providers over the internet, with which you can easily share large files for free. However, there still exist some restrictions to the free service, but that limit may be more compared to the standard procedure of transferring files.

For your information, if we try to share any file as a Gmail attachment, Gmail allows a maximum of 25 MB file size to be transferred as an attachment. And for bigger file sizes you need to upload the file to Google Drive and share the link with the person you want to send the file. But in such a scenario, it will occupy your Google drive space. And if your Google Drive is already occupied, then it’s a bit difficult for you.

Thus without wasting much of our time, let’s find out which providers permit us to share large files over the internet directly and what their limitations are in the case of free usage.

Top 10 ways to share large files over the internet for free

1. FilestoFriends

This application was developed by 2 people, who use to face problems sending or sharing large files over the internet. The available providers then used to charge a large premium amount for transferring a large file over a certain size. Thus they planned to develop an application that will let everyone share large files up to 1GB for free. However, over time, the file sizes are increasing, thus the developer or the owner of this application may have increased the quota of its free usage. But, if your requirement is more, then you have a choice for plus membership, which lets you enjoy more privileges and features.

Transfer large files with FilestoFriends.
Share large files with FilestoFriends.

2. Wetransfer

Wetransfer is the first large file-transferring provider on our list. Wetrasfer allows free users to transfer files or folders instantly of a maximum of 2GB. The transfer is fast and secure. However, if you want to allot more space for a bigger file size, then you can opt for a pro and premium account which are paid plans. The password encryption and longer expiry of the uploaded files or folders are included in the paid plans. You can directly shoot an email link or may directly generate the download link of the uploaded file and share it via other means, for download.

Share large files with Wetransfer
Trasfer large files with Wetransfer

3. transfernow

Unlike the previous one in the list, this provider allows you to transfer large files up to a limit of 5GB per transfer for free users. The password encryption feature is also included in the free account. However, if you want to share a larger file, with many other features and benefits, please opt for the paid plan of transfernow.

Share and transfer large files and folders with transfernow.

4. TransferXL

TransferXL provides a bit more flexibility in the case of the free users. Free users are allowed to transfer files or folders up to a size of 5GB. However, there is a max limit for per day usage, which is 10GB. end-to-end encryption, region selection, transfer management, and group recipient up to 5 email recipients are included in the free account. However, if you want more features and options, please refer to its paid plans.

Share large files online with TransferXL

5. pCloud Transfer

pCloud offers a maximum of 5GB file size transfer, with an encryption facility and up to 10 recipients at a time, for free. No need for registration to enjoy all these benefits. You can even generate a download link, which can be shared by any other means such as a messenger or SMS etc. You can add a password, to the file which you want to transfer, to add encryption. The person who wants to download the file has to decrypt the file for further usage with the same password.

Transfer large files online for free with pCloud
Transfer large files online with pCloud

6. Sendgb

Sendgb is another provider which lets you share large files of a max of 5GB files for free. However, if you want to transfer bigger files, then you have to opt for a paid plan. If your file size is more than 250MB then you can keep the uploaded file in the cloud storage for a max of 7 days and files less than 250MB the expiry day is a max of 90 days. If you want to direct email link, you can do so to up to 20 recipients. The password encryption facility is also available.

Send and share large files with sendgb
Send and share large files with sendgb

7. plusTransfer

PlusTransfer is the miniature version of sendTransfer. It allows transferring files up to a maximum limit of 5GB. And you can fix the expiry limit of the uploaded file up to a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks, And there is no daily transfer limit, which means the recipients can download as many times as possible, till the expiry of the file from the cloud storage. Although, we didn’t find any encryption feature for the transferrable files.

Transfer big files with plusTransfer
Transfer big files with plusTransfer

8. sendTrasfer

SendTransfer is impressive among the others on the list. It offers you to transfer files up to 10GB for free and you also adjust the expiry setting of the uploaded file as per your requirement up to a max of 10 days. However, we didn’t find any option to transfer or upload files along with the folder. So if you transfer files along with the folder, then you can opt for zipping the folder to a zip file and then transferring it via sendTransfer. And there is no option for encrypting the file while transferring. Although, if you want to encrypt the file while transferring, you can do it while zipping the file.

Send large files for free with sendTransfer
Send large files for free with sendTransfer

9. SendBig

The one is a bit more interesting than the others on the list. If you signup with your email ID and other details, you can enjoy the privilege to share large files and folders up to 30GB maximum limit. However, without signup, you can share files and folders up to 5GB with 7 days expiry.

Although there are several other features too with the free pro version. Such as self-destruct download or SNAP mode means the link will be destructed after a single download. With Max mode, you can increase the expiry period up to 3 years, pausable or resumable download with premium download speed. At present all the premium features are offered for free, however, shortly, these pro features may not be enjoyed for free.

Share large files upto 30GB with sendBig

10. JUMBOmail

Last but not least in our series is JUMBOmail. The features that they offer are incredible and appreciable if you are ready to pay for them. For free users, the sharing limit is up to 2GB with 7 days of expiry. However, if you are ready to pay for the pro or premium, or business, then you can enjoy more features. Such as in the pro plan file or folder transfer size limit is 250GB, with 500GB cloud storage space and advanced security features and customization. And for the business and premium plans, there is no limit to file transfer, with 1TB of cloud storage.

share large files with Jumbomail

However, if you are trying to perform this task from your smartphone and are not able to find out the file which got downloaded to your phone, then you may check this article to find out the download history of your android smartphone. And if you are using any such tool which does not allow sharing folders or file encryption, then there’s a tip for you. You can compress the file or folder into a zip or RAR file with password encryption and share it via any of these online file-sharing tools. You just need to convey the password to the recipient so that he can open the zip or RAR file conveniently. If you are a recipient and are not able to open the RAR file on your Windows PC, then you may read this article to open the RAR file on your Windows PC.


Thus we tried to present to our readers ten such online large file-sharing tools with which you can easily share large files and folders to any recipient over the globe via the internet as per your requirement. But there are some technical differences between them, regarding the expiry or data limit or cloud storage limit and so on. All these technical differences have been discussed in this article. So please read the full article and choose the one as per your requirement and choice. Although there may be several other ones that serve the same. But it’s not possible to accumulate all of them in a single article. If you have come across any other tool which serves the same, you may write in the comment section of this post.

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