How To Enhance Images With Top 10 Image Upscaler

If you are worried about any of your old or low-resolution pictures, which you want to print or share on social media and don’t have much knowledge on editing them using any professional image editing software. Then you may discard your worries because artificial intelligence has created an easy way to upscale or enlarge your old and low-resolution images in no time. The AI-powered image upscaler applications are on its way to simplify your task.

In our previous articles, we have already seen how AI technology is being used in almost every aspect of the software industry, such as AI-powered search engines, AI image generators, AI video generators, and so on. Now we will explore how AI technology is being used to enlarge or upscale a low-resolution image. You need not have to depend on any professional image editing to complete this task. As all the tools are web-based, you need not have to install any application onto your system to upscale images, and most importantly it can be done from any system, such as mobile or desktop and laptops. Thus without wasting much time let’s find out which AI-powered image upscaler applications allow us to enlarge images with ease.

10 Best image upscaler tools to enlarge images in 2023

1. Image UPscaler- AI Photo Upscaler

The first AI-powered tool in our list is Image UPscaler which allows you to easily enlarge images. This application uses deep learning convolutional neural network (CNN) to enlarge and sharpen images. However, this application is not completely free. It allows you up to 10 images to upscale for free. And if you like the performance, you need to subscribe to its paid plan for further usage. Although, it has other AI-powered services such as deblurring, AI image generator, Cartoonizer, Sketch, colorize, inpaint, remove bg, image to anime, photo to painting, blur background, and video cartoonizer. We tested this application and found the result magnificent.

Image Upscaler
Enlarge images with Image UPsclaer online app

2. ClipDrop- Image Upscaler

This tool allows upscale images at the basic level for free. However, if you want to use its advanced features such as more than 2X zooming of the image and other detailed features then you need to subscribe to the Pro plan. This application has other features too included in the pack, such as cleanup, remove background, relight, stable diffusion, replace background, text remover, and reimagine XL. If you subscribe to the pro plan, then all these features will be unlocked for unlimited usage till its plan validity. In addition, it has revealed its API, with which you can integrate it with your app or website.

Photo upscaler by ClipDrop

3. AI image upscaler and enhancer

upscaling and quality enhancement of the images are free using online tool. All you need to do is upload the image in this web app and select the number of times you want to enlarge the image. The minimum value is 1X and the maximum is 4X, and also select the option whether you want to enhance the converted image or not. Unlike the previous one in the list, you can use all the options without subscribing to its paid plans. However, if you want to use this online application for bulk conversion at a time, then only you need to subscribe to its paid plan. We tested this application with the same image and found the result convenient. It has apps for Android and iPhones too.

Upscale media
Enlarge and enhance images for free with Upscale media

4. Bigjpg- AI image enlarging/upscaling tool

Upscaling images is free in this online tool till 4x times. If you want to upscale images more than that, you need to signup and subscribe to its paid plan, otherwise, it’s not required. A noise reduction facility is available in this application. We tried different settings on the same image enlargement, but, we didn’t find it convenient regarding the quality enhancement of the enlarged image. The developer needs to take care of the image enhancement issue a bit more, according to the current version of the application. What’s your opinion? Please let us know in the comment section below.

5. Stockphotos Upscaler

The Upscaler app by Stockphotos is another excellent tool to enlarge images with an image quality enhancement feature. However, the enhancement feature is inbuilt, you need not have to select or choose to activate the option separately. Although, it works on four different AI models such as “DetailPro”, “Balanced”, “Ironed” and “FacePro”. But only the DetailPro option is only available for free usage. And you can enlarge the image up to 8x times, but only the 2x option is active for free usage. And you can enlarge only 3 images for free. If you want to avail other options or enlarge more images, you need to subscribe to the paid plans. We tested the application with the same image to check the quality of the resultant image and found it astounding.

Image upscaler by Stockphotos
Image upscaler by Stockphotos

6. Pixelcut- AI image upscaler and enhancer

Pixelcut is a collection of several photo or image editing tools such as background remover, magic eraser, recolor image, batch edit, and profile photo maker. Image upscaler is one of them. The most important fact is that Pixelcut is completely free to use and all the tools are trustworthy. We tried to upscale the same image and found an amazing result with enhanced photo quality. After enlarging the image, the application gives you the option to open the image in the editor, if you want to perform another task with an image. This application can create product photos for e-commerce websites, profile photos, podiums, film stories, holographic, and many other templates for online social media platforms. This application is also available for Android and iPhone.

Upscale images with Pixelcut online tool
Upscale images with Pixelcut online tool

7. Nero Image Upscaler

The performance of this application is exceptional from others on the list. There are several AI models available, please select the one as per the category of the image you are uploading. We tried to enlarge and enhance the same image and chose the “Face Enhancement” AI model, as our image was a facial snapshot. The output generated was stunning. However, the application is not completely free. If you signup with your email id, then you will receive 5 credits daily and consequently be able to upscale 5 images per day for free. But if your requirement is more than that, then you need to purchase credits. The application is available for Windows, and Android devices along with iPhone.

Nero AI image upscaler
Nero AI image upscaler

8. Let’s Enhance- AI photo enlarger

With this tool, you can adjust the light, tone, and color of the image, along with image enlargement. Although there are several upscale types available, choose the one according to the image type, which are are upscaling. Because it will tone the image accordingly. If not chosen properly, the output will be generated with improper image configuration. If you are not aware of the proper settings, then you may choose from the preset configurations.

We tried to enlarge the same image with different configurations, but the proper output was generated when the setting was chosen as per the image type. For example when you are trying to upscale any facial image of a person, then you need to choose the upscale type “Photo”, else the output image that will generate will not have a smooth and enhanced effect. The application is not completely free, for new users first ten image upscaling is free and if you like the performance, then you need to upgrade to its paid plan.
Image enhancement with

9. Img2Go- Upscale Image with AI

This application is another excellent image-upscaling tool. You can upscale up to 4x times or can enlarge according to specific width and height. However, image enlarging is not the main concern, we need to see whether the quality of the image improves or not after upscaling. Although this tool is free to use, still we find appreciating results as the quality of the output image improves with the enlargement of the image. There are several other image editing options available along with upscaling features. Only the basic features are free to use, if you want to use the advanced features then you need to subscribe to its paid plan.

Img2go image upscaler
AI image upscaler- Img2go

10. Upscayl

This is not a web-based application, rather you can install this application on your desktop or laptop. It can run on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. This is a free and open-source AI image upscaler tool. We tried to upscale and enhance the same image with this tool and found the result magnificent. So if you are searching for a free image upscaler and enhancement tool then this is the right choice for you.

Upscayl Free and open source image upscaler
Upscayl Free and open source image upscaler


Although there are several other tools available online, we tried to present the top 10 AI image upscaling tools in this article. We tested the performance of each application that we had listed here and share the performance according to the author’s point of view. However, if you have a different opinion, then please let us know in the comment section below. And if you agree with the author’s opinion please let us know, the performance of which application you like the most. The last one on our list is “Upscayl”, which is not a web-based application, but it’s completely free to use and the performance is also quite good. If you are worried about the paid subscription plans, then you may give it a try on your desktop or laptop.

If you find this post informative, please feel free to give your valuable comments in the comment section below. You may also write your suggestions and feedback using our contact us page. It would be our pleasure if you follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter. You may also subscribe to our feed channel for quick updates. Also don’t forget to share the post with your loved ones, so that every individual get benefited from this informative post as we all know sharing is caring.

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