How to Remove Background of any picture with

Remove or change background with

Want to remove the background of any picture very easily, no need to get confused with complicated photo editing software, such as photoshop. You don’t require any experience in photo editing to remove the background of the image. Also, you don’t require to install bulky professional software or apps into your system, which makes your system run slow.

So, you are no more require to learn to remove the background of a picture, using professional photo editing software like Photoshop, and no need to spend any penny for purchasing the license of such professional photo editing software. All you need is an active internet connection. In this article, we will be discussing how to remove the image background, without any experience and sending a single penny, using an active internet connection only, and most important irrespective of the system you are using.

How to remove background of images very easily and at zero cost?

You have multiple options to perform this task, you may use the online tool or service to do the job, or you may download its tool for Windows/Linux/Mac OS. And if you are using an Android phone or system, then there is an app for Android OS, which you download Google Play store.

However from my personal point of view, if you are an armature user of this service, I don’t find it wise to download the app or tool and install it on your pc, which will unnecessarily block some space in your system. You may conveniently use its web service to perform your task to remove the background image.

Just browse the official site of, there you get an Upload Image button.

remove bg home page
How to upload an image at

You may either click on the Upload Image button or you may drag the required image into the Upload image block or if you want to use any online image then you may paste the URL of the online image, and the image will start uploading to the online server of and automatically remove the background image of the uploaded image.

Uploading image for background removal
Removing the background image of the uploaded picture.

Once the background image is removed, you will be able to view the resultant image under the Removed Background tab, and here is my resultant image having removed its background image.

background image removed
Removed background image.

Now you may either download the image in low or high resolution as per your requirement, however, the high-resolution download is not free, please refer to the pricing section for detailed information. The image will be downloaded in.png image format, which will have a transparent background.

No Background image
Example of the background image removed, picture.

Also, you may download an extension for Adobe Photoshop, which will integrate with your Photoshop installed in your PC, and you will be able to perform the background removing task very easily and then you will be able to perform other editing tasks using Photoshop’s existing features. But to use this extension you need to pay to earn credits, which will be required to use this feature. has created an Android app, which will be available from Google Play Store. You may be able to download the app, from the store free of cost and perform the same task from your Android Phone or Tab.

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Change the background of any image with

In this full article, we had only discussed, how to remove the background image of a snapshot, but there is an added feature, you can not only remove the background image, you change the background image or you may make the present background image blur.

Background changing option
Background Image changing option.
Background Image changed
Changing background image with


Thus, while concluding, it can be said that the features provided by are really commendable. For those who are not familiar with photo editing, the task to remove or change background images is not their cup of tea. has really made the task very easy and simple. All the users will be able to perform the task by spending almost no or negligible time. Also the professional would find it easier to perform the task from, in regards of less time-consuming factor.

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