How to Download Facebook videos easily?

Want to download your Facebook videos into your system and puzzled about the way to do it. Here is one way to accomplish your work in just a moment. Facebook has now become one of the world’s biggest video portals. But, one of the cons of Facebook, which is very different from the other biggest rival in video delivery, YouTube, is that YouTube supports video download within the app, for future offline viewing. But Facebook does not support video download features for offline viewing. Thus the need of downloading offline video comes into force.

How to download your Facebook videos into your system ?

There are several ways to download Facebook videos into your system, but in this post, we will discuss the simplest and convenient way, which will work on almost all kinds of systems. We will discuss other ways to download Facebook videos, system-specific, in our future or subsequent articles.

  1. While viewing the Facebook video, in the bottom left corner of the video window, you will get an option to share the video, as shown in the screenshot below. Just click on the share option.
  2. In the drop-down menu of the share option, you will get the option “Copy Link”, to copy the URL of the video uploaded on Facebook.
copy link of Facebook video
  1. Now in your browser open
Download Facebook videos from
  1. In the “Enter Facebook Video Link…”  bar, just past the video URL which was copied previously and hit the download button.
  2. Your video is now ready for download.
  3. You will then get 3 options to download the video in either Normal Quality or HD Quality and some more options are also present regarding the video download.

Just select the option as per your requirement and the video will start downloading into your system.

Now you will be able to view the video offline or share as per your choice, no need to worry about an active internet connection.

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Benefits of downloading the Facebook video using

The main matter of concern is that, for the armature downloader, you need not have to install any software into your system or install any kind of extensions or add-ons into your browser which will, in turn, make your browser a little bulky and hinders smooth running of your system while loading. So if don’t download Facebook videos frequently, you may use this option to online download your required videos for offline viewing.


While concluding, I must convey one thing is that, if you don’t want to hinder your system performance, whether you are using windows or android, or mac, by installing a third party software or extension or add-on, you can make use of this technique to download any Facebook video. This will serve your purpose of keeping your system clean and protected. However, if you are a regular downloader of Facebook videos, then you can choose to install any third-party software or extension or add-on into your system, to do your download in a much less time-consuming process, which we will discuss in our latter articles, so keeping viewing our post to get updates on many other interesting topics like this in the future.

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