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Sharing a desktop is now very easy, even you don’t need to configure systems manually to remote control any device over the internet and access it from anywhere in the world. In recent times, there are several applications to control any device remotely. But among them, TeamViewer has a really simple and user-friendly interface. And most important is it has muti device access. That means, you can install TeamViewer on your smartphone running on Android and iOS, Desktop, or laptop computers running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, or Chrome OS.

Previously, remote desktop was not a cup of tea for common users. Remote Desktop was mainly used by the tech support people to give technical support to your system remotely from any part of the world. But nowadays, common users are also using it. And there are several applications available, but among all TeamViewer is noteworthy because of its versatile nature. It runs on almost all kinds of devices. And even it can be installed and used on the Raspberry Pi platform, which is awesome.

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How to use TeamViewer to remote access or control your device?

To use TeamViewer, you first need to download the application from the internet. Please do remember that TeamViewer is completely free for personal use and it’s chargeable, for commercial use. For more details about the commercial license pricing please refer to its pricing page.

After you download the application as per the operating system you are using, install it and lunch the application. One thing you have to keep in the notice, every time while using this application is that the device from which you are using this application should have an active internet connection. Otherwise, this application will not work.

When the internet connection is active and you have successfully launched the application, you will be provided with an ID and Password.

Teamviewer Interface
TeamViewer Interface

Now let’s say, you have a Windows Desktop having an active internet connection. And also you have an Android smartphone. And you have installed TeamViewer for Android into your smartphone. Now if you want to access any file which is on your desktop, and which you want to access from your smartphone at a different location. You just need to have the ID and password as shown in the TeamViewer interface. Enter the ID and password in the Control Remote Computer section. You can do it from any other system and vice versa.

If you have signed up with your email and password and login with the same credentials into the TeamViewer app, then every time you don’t need to know the ID and password. You can save the systems which you will access frequently into the contact list so that you don’t need to enter the ID every time.

Remote Control Windows Laptop with Android Phone using TeamViewer
Remote control Windows Computer with Android phone using TeamViewer

We remote access a Windows Computer from an Android smartphone, and it worked successfully. The screenshot is shared above.

What else you can do with TeamViewer?

With TeamViewer, other than the remote operating, you can host a meeting, video, or text chat with other users, team members, or clients.

However, for the paid plan, you can enjoy some more services, such as remote management, which includes:

  • Monitoring
  • Endpoint protection
  • Backup
  • Web Monitoring

You can also manage user accounts, view connection reports, create and set policies and manage the service queue. All these features are part of the paid commercial plan.

Thus if don’t require all these features which are used by the core IT professionals, then you may opt for the personal plan which is completely free.

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Thus, keeping in view the versatility, simple and easy interface, and usability, TeamViewer is an amazing choice for you. And if you want to enjoy its advanced features, then we would recommend you to choose the commercial licensing. However, there are other alternatives too, present over the internet. We would discuss the other alternatives, in some other posts or articles in detail.

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