Amazing Solution to the Boot Manager is Missing problem

Anyone can face this kind of problem of “BootMGR is Missing” problem in our everyday use for Windows OS users. But before finding out the solution to this problem, let’s understand what is the main reason behind the boot manager missing problem. And then we will be able to find the possible solutions to this problem.

When we install any operating system into the secondary memory of our system. After Power On Self Test (POST), the system starts finding the file to load OS, but when it is not able to find the specific file, then it outputs the error message, BootMGR is missing.

What are the possible reasons for the “Boot Manager is missing” error message?

The possible reasons can be divided into two main sectors, one is hardware related and the other one is software related.

Under the hardware related issues, the possible reasons are:

  • The data transfer cable of HDD or SDD where the OS is installed may not perfectly connected. There may be loose connection or the cable is damaged. Please check the connection and if damaged, replace the cable.
  • There may be bad sector(s) in your secondary storage drives. In such case you have to repair the disk and fix the error.
  • The HDD or the SDD may be fully damaged or dead. In such situation, you need to replace the drive and install a fresh copy of OS.
  • The boot sequence is changed and a non-bootable drive is inserted into the system. The first bootable drive is pointed to that non-bootable drive (such as non-bootable USB flash drive, or external disk, or CD or DVD drive). In such scenario, restart the machine, and enter into the boot menu or BIOS setting and change the sequest as per applicable. In general as we install OS into our local HDD or SDD, so that must be in the first position in the boot priority settings.

The common boot menu key and BIOS key are provided for your easy reference. Please check the list provided below:

Manufacturer or BrandBoot Menu KeyBIOS Key
HPEsc, F9Esc, F10, F1
AsusF8, EscF9, Del, F2
LenovoF12, F8, F10, Fn+F11F1, F2
AcerEsc, F12, F9Del, F2
SamsungF12, EscF2
SonyF10, F11F1, F2, F3
ToshibaF12F1, Esc
CompaqEsc, F9F10
Boot Key and BIOS Menu key of Common Manufacturers

Next under the Software related issues, the possible reasons may be as follows:

  • There may be virus attack into the system. Due to which the Windows bootloader file may have deleted or corrupted.
  • While installation of other operating system, the bootloader file may have been rewriten or damaged.
  • Sometimes your outdated BIOS version, may report such boot manager is missing problem. If this is the issue, you have to update the BIOS version.
  • The boot configuration data(BCD) may have messed up, corrupted or misconfigured, due to some reason. You need to properly reconfigure the BCD.

Solution of the Boot Manager is Missing problem?

For the hardware-related problem, switch off the system and check the data bus connections of the bootable drive. Check the boot sequence from the Boot Menu or BIOS, by pressing the boot menu key or BIOS key while startup. Also, check whether the HDD or SDD is working properly or not. If not, you need to change the drive and install a fresh copy of the Windows.

For the Software related problem, you may adopt the following methods:

  • Start Startup Repair from Windows Recovery Environment(WinRE), by inserting the Windows installation disk into the system. Before you do this change the boot sequence by pressing the Boot Menu key, while restart.
  • From Windows Recovery Environment(WinRE), run System Restore, again by inserting the Installation disk into the system.
  • If you have preinstalled recovery files intalled in any of your drive, use system repair with those recovery files.
  • If the boot configuration data(BCD) is corrupted or misconfigured, you have to rebuild or reconfigure it from WinRE. In case you have installed multiple OS, and the bootloader file misconfigured. You are not able to boot to the previously installed OS. You can modify and configure the Bootloader file in Windows, using EasyBCD.
  • Last but not the least, you may install a fresh copy of Windows.

For detailed information regarding the repair and restoration of the system files, you may consult the Microsoft Support page for the procedure to be followed.


To resolve this issue, first, try to identify whether the problem is hardware-related or software-related. Checklist all the steps to identify the root cause of the problem. Once the problem is identified, follow the solution steps as per the requirement discussed above. Hope the solutions provided above will help you out to repair or restore your system. If still, the problem persists you may leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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