10 Best Tools to Create Unique And Professional Profile Picture

With the advancement of technology, most people around the globe are not connected to the Internet and most of them are subscribed to the online social media platforms. On these social media platforms, your profile picture is becoming your online identity. So why should you lag in creating your stunning and professional-looking profile picture?

if you are worried about how to create an awesome and memorable profile picture without the knowledge of professional photo editing software, then you need not have to worry anymore. Because in this article we will share ten such tools, with which you can create unique profile pictures using AI technology in just the blink of your eye. So let’s move on to explore those tools for creating a professional profile picture, which will prove your presence out of the crowd. There is an old phrase by J.K. Rowling that everybody must know, “A good first impression can work wonders”.

However, before creating your profile picture, it’s better to upscale and enhance the photo with free online photo upscaler and enhancer tools. The image we are using for testing is enhanced by one such photo enhancer application.

Top 5 Tools to Create a Unique and professional profile picture

1. Profile Pic Maker

This application is too simple and easy to use. You just need to upload a clean picture of yours and the application will at first remove the background of the image. And then use it for generating stunning profile pictures for social media platforms. This tool is entirely free and you can enjoy creating multiple profile pictures with different moods and backgrounds according to your requirement. The mobile version of this application is still not ready and is on its way.

Profile Pic Maker
Profile Pic Maker

2. Picofme.io

This tool also works in the same manner as the previous one. At first, you need to upload your pic and then the application will remove the background and process the image with different backgrounds. If you don’t like the templates, you can customize and create the profile picture as per your requirement. This application is also completely free to use and download.

Create a profile Picture with Picofme.io

3. New Profile Pic

This application is somewhat different from the other two on the list. Once you upload your image for creating a profile picture, the software will somewhat cartoonify your uploaded image and present it in different settings and formats. However, it looks good and is something unique. If you are searching for something unique, then you can give it a try. Although it is free to use, still it leaves a watermark on the bottom right corner of the image. If you want your profile picture without a watermark, then you can use the magic eraser or text eraser application to remove it from the image.

Create a Unique profile Picture with Newprofilepic

4. Pixelcut Profile Photo Maker

We had mentioned this online tool in our previous posts too. Such as Image upscaler, magic eraser posts. Pixelcut is a collection of different photo editing tools, one of them is the Profile picture creator tool. The process is similar to the others on the list. You just need to upload the snap of yours with which you want to create the profile pic. The application will remove the background of the image and process it will different background templates. If you want to edit or create the profile pic with your settings then open the picture in the editor and create it according to your taste, with several stock background images. However, some of them are for pro users, for which you need to subscribe to its paid pro plan.

Pixelcut Profile Photo Maker
Pixelcut Profile Photo Maker

5. AdobeExpress Free Profile Picture Maker

This is a professional tool for creating a profile picture. Although, creating a profile picture with this tool is completely free. When you will be using this tool for creating the profile pic, an interface of the editor will open up. There you need to select the template and other tools to create and beautify the image as per your requirement. However, all the templates are not free, there are a few templates that are usable for the pro member. If you want to use any of them, then you need to subscribe to its paid pro membership.

Adobe Express Profile Picture Maker
Adobe Express Profile Picture Maker

6. Picsart Profile Picture Maker

This is another excellent tool for creating your profile picture. Its mechanism is simple and easy to use—all you need to upload the image, with which you want to create your profile picture. The application will automatically remove the background of the image and will set your image to different pre-defined background images. If you want to set only colors as the background, you have the option to do so and set borders and so on. The service is completely free and after everything is set as per your requirement, download the image into your local device.

Picsart Profile Picture Maker
Picsart Profile Picture Maker

7. Brandbird Profile Picture Maker

Creating engaging profile pictures with this tool is too simple. You need just to upload your image and the application will automatically remove the background of the image and create profile pictures with different background settings. However, if you don’t want to remove the background, and just blur it, you can do so from the settings. Different preset backgrounds are categorized as per the mood and requirement. You just need to select the one which suits your personality and mood. This feature is completely free, however, there are several other tools available in the package, which need paid subscription plans.

Brandbird Profile Picture Maker

8. Canva Free Profile Picture Maker

Canva is an excellent photo editing tool. However, it has several other features and options too, which we had discussed in several other posts on TechiTweet. If you want to create a profile picture using Canva, an editor will open up with several options, somewhat similar to Adobe Express. You can use those options to create your profile picture. Although, all the options are not free. You need to subscribe to its pro plan to enjoy all its features.

Canva Profile Pic Maker
Canva Profile Pic Maker

9. Fotor Profile Pic Maker

Fotor also provides the feature of creating a profile picture, however, all the features and templates are not free here. Similar to Canva, Fotor also has multiple features, one of them is profile pic creator. You can create a cool profile pic with this application, but while using this tool, you have to keep in mind that all the templates and features are not free to use. So it will not allow you to use those features unless you subscribe to its paid pro plan. And it will put its watermark on the image that is created.

Fotor Profile Pic Maker
Fotor Profile Pic Maker

10. Appy Pie free AI Profile Picture Maker

Appy Pie is another application for creating attractive profile pictures. However, the application does not allow the creation of full-fledged profile pictures without subscribing to its paid plan. It allows you to create profile pictures for free, but that will contain the watermark of Appy Pie. So ultimately, if you want to choose Appy Pie for creating your profile pic, you need to upgrade to its pro plan. Talking about the application, it’s too easy and simple, although the variety of templates is too limited. Still, Appy Pie is

Appy Pie Profile Pic Maker
Appy Pie Profile Pic Maker


We put forward ten different online applications for creating attractive and stunning profile pic. You need not have to worry anymore, to have sufficient knowledge about professional editing software for creating your profile image. Most people simply place normal snapshots in their profile pictures. But if you use these tools for creating your profile pictures, it will really make a difference. You will be easily noticeable among others. So, what are you waiting for?

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