Erase Useless Objects From Photos Using The Magic Eraser

Google Pixel’s main attraction “Magic Eraser”, lets you erase unwanted objects from the snapshot clicked on it. However, not only the latest versions of Pixel, this feature is now available to all Google One subscribers using Android and iPhone. But if you don’t have Google One subscription then, this feature is inaccessible to you, by default.

But don’t worry about it, TechiTweet is there for their readers to find out alternate ways, so that they don’t have to be deprived of enjoying any technological benefits. Several online tools allow you to erase any object or component from any image just like magic. All you need is to upload the image and select the component which you want to erase and hit the submit button. This AI tool will process your selection and generate your desired result.

So without wasting much of our valuable time let’s move on to find which tools allow us to erase any object from an image, just like magic. As you all know, we don’t only review any tool or application without testing. So before we move on to explore different magic eraser tools, we will perform the testing with such an image that it will be not so simple to remove any object.

Testing image for Magic Eraser tools
Image to be used for testing Magic Eraser applications

Top 5 AI-powered Magic Eraser tools

1. Magic Eraser by Magic Studio

This application is too simple to use. You just need to upload the image which you want to use and select the zone with the brush tool, which you want to remove from the image. After that just click on the erase button. AI-powered magic eraser tool will process your image, upon your selected area and remove the objects from the image accordingly. We tested the image and found the result satisfying. This tool is free to use, but while downloading, it will create a watermark or logo in the right bottom corner of the image. And the images will not be of high resolution. For that, you need to upgrade to its paid plan. Alternatively, you could use image upscaler tools to enhance and enlarge the low-resolution image so obtained.

Remove unwanted objects with the Magic Eraser tool.
Remove unwanted objects with the Magic Eraser tool.

2. Photokit InPaint

Photokit is a collection of online Photo editing features. However one of them is Inpaint, with which you can easily remove unwanted objects from the image using the brush tool. Just upload the image using the Photokit editor and hit the Inpaint option. Now you will be able to select the unwanted portion or object in your uploaded picture with the brush tool. The application will remove those unwanted objects from the image immediately.

You may then use the other features and options to beautify the image as per your requirement. with other tools. The Inpaint feature is free to use and you can download the image in jpg, png, webp, and avif formats for free. If you want to download the image Json and share the image directly, then you need to subscribe to its VIP plan. Ads are displayed on the application window. However, if want to use the ad-free version and use other AI tools with unlimited image download options, you need to subscribe to its VIP membership plan.

Photkit Inpaint
Remove unwanted objects from the image with Photkit Inpaint

3. Object Remover

This tool does the same job as the previous ones, and the result of the output which is generated is quite impressive. However, there are several other similar tools available in this application, such as people remover, text remover, clutter remover, skin defects remover, sticker emoji remover, image cleaner, and so on. And the interesting part is that this application is currently completely free. So you can enjoy all these features at no cost.

The image generated from the first application in the list that is Magic Eraser by Magic Studio contained Magic Studio text on it. We tested to remove that text with the text remover tool of this application and it performed well. The image so obtained does not seem that the image contained any text or logo on it.

ObjectRemover Magic Eraser
ObjectRemover Magic Eraser

4. Magic Eraser by Pixelcut

In our previous post on image upscaler, we had already mentioned this tool. Along with the image enlargement feature, it has the magic eraser feature too. You can erase unwanted objects from your image using this tool. We tested the image using this tool and found the result quite impressive. This tool is also free to use and if you are using any low-resolution image, then you can upscale the image using the same too,l.

PixelCut Magic Eraser
PixelCut Magic Eraser

5. PhotoRoom Magic eraser

With this tool, you can perform the same task. However, you use its web app and use the background magic retouch option to do the same. We tested this application with the same image and the output generated was magnificent. This application is also completely free and you can use the other features available in the package. It has a dedicated app for iPhone and Android mobile, which you can download from the Apple app store and Google Play store respectively.

Magic Eraser by PhotoRoom
Magic Eraser by PhotoRoom


Magic Eraser feature is not only used in removing unwanted objects from your personal snapshots but also is also commonly used in the e-commerce industry too. While creating any picture of the product, which you are planning to sell on any online shopping platform, you need to use this magic eraser tool for easy creation of the sales profile picture of the product. Thus this magic eraser tool is gaining popularity in creating clean and magnificent pictures as per your requirement, whether it’s for sale or for your personal need.

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