Another Amazing Photo Editor To Give New Look To Your Pic

There are several online photo editing applications available to give a fresh and new look to your photo. Some of them, we had discussed in our previous posts, such as Makeover app for windows, Lunapic, Photofunia, ePhoto360, etc. One such amazing photo editor is Fotor, which will lead you to give extraordinary look to your photo.

You need not have to install any software into your system, to edit your photo, Neither you have to have professional knowledge of photo editing software. All you need is a browser and an active internet connection. Online photo editors are not operating-system-specific. Its online service can be accessed from any kind of operating system.

Moreover, Fotor has created its application for Windows, Mac, and even for Android and iPhones. You may download the application to your devices as per the requirement or may enjoy the online service directly. The application is very easy to use.

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How to use Fotor online photo editing application?

Fotor Online Photo Editor
Fotor Online Photo Editing Application

To edit your photo on Fotor online, you have to first browse the official web page of Fotor. There you will get three options, one for photo editing, the second is for creating design and the third is for making a collage. Choose the one, which you are looking for.

How to edit photos in online photo editing application Fotor?

Photo Editing in Fotor
Photo Editing is done on Fotor

If you are interested in editing your photo, then choose the Edit photo option and proceed forward. You will get the option to upload the photo which you want to edit. After uploading you will get all the editing options. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, color. Also may crop, rotate or resize the image file. You can fine-tune the image, blur a portion of the image, add effects to it, beautify the image. You may also add frames or borders to the image. Adding text and emoji to the image other features which you can add to your image in the Fotor photo editor.

How to create a design in Fotor?

If you want to design a different kind of design, then you may opt for the create a design option. Within this option, you have multiple other options. You may create Youtube Thumbnail, Youtube channel art, Facebook post, Facebook post, Facebook event cover, Instagram post, Instagram story, Twitter post, twitter cover, Pinterest post, Tumblr graphic, Tumblr Banner, Snapchat Geofilter, Twitch Banner, Soundcloud Banner, LinkedIn Backgroud, Blog Graphic, Blog Title, Youtube End Screen and line Rich Message under the social media tab.

Under the Marketing tab, you can opt for the option for creating a Logo, Poster, Business Card, Flyer, Brochure, Media Kit, Gift Certificate, Coupon, Ticket, Newsletter, Menu, Email Header, Website, ETSY Cover Photo, ETSY Shop Icon, Zoom Background, Podcast Cover.

Under the Life Tab, you get the option for Photo Collage, Wallpaper, Postcard, Announcement, Recipe Card, Calendar, Planner, Gift Tag, Label, Seating Chart, Mobile Wallpaper, Wattpad Book Cover, Magazine Cover, Album Cover, Book Cover.

Fotor Logo Design
Sample Logo Designed on Fotor

You will have more options under the Documents tab, such as Presentation, Presentation 4:3, Letterhead, Resume, Report, Memo, ID Card, Proposal, Certificate, Invoice.

Under the Education tab, you will get Yearbook, Class schedule, Lesson Plan, Report Card.

You will also be able to design your ads, under the Ads tab. Under the Ads tab, you will find options such as Facebook Ad Medium, Instagram Ad, Large Rectangle, Medium Rectangle, Facebook App ad, Wide Skyscraper, Leaderboard, Mobile Leaderboard.

You can design your events cards under the Events tab, such as Invitation, Programs, and cards.

There is a long list in the design option. You can design a variety of items, as per your requirement.

How to create Collage in Fotor?

You can also create a collage of your snapshots. For that, you have to choose the Make a Collage option from the home page. There are different types of collage options, such as Photo Collage, Artistic Collage, Classic Collage, Funky Collage, and Photo Stitching. Choose the one which suits our choice.

Photo collage created on Fotor
Sample Photo Collage Created on Fotor


On a whole, Fotor is an excellent Fotor is an excellent photo editing tool along with designing options. You can create your design from your creative mind. You can use its online service or may download its application designed for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone.

However, Fotor is not completely free. There are premium plans named Fotor Pro and Fotor Pro+, which will give you the leverage of more powerful editing tools, effects, frames, fonts, templates, etc. The free plan shows ads on your screen on the side and lower panels. Overall, it is an excellent tool to design and edit photos to give a new look.

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