Add Amazing Effects And Edit Online Photo With ePhoto360

The are several online photo editing applications present, but among them, ePHOTO360 is really remarkable. It adds amazing effect to your photo and you would really love the pre-set effects. Almost all of us, give a touch-up to our photos before sharing on social media or printing the hard copy for keeping in our photo frames. But it is not just a matter of adjusting the brightness, contrast, or sharpness of the picture.

ePhoto360 gives the picture a new look and feel. But before moving into the detailing of the features offered by ePhoto360, let’s know a little about it. ePhoto36 has been developed by Yogroup. It not only provides the web-based photo editing feature, but Yogroup has also developed apps for android and iPhone too. You may download the apps on your smartphone to add effects to the photos clicked on your smartphone.


How photo editing is done on ePhoto360?

ePhoto360 not only provides the feature of photo editing, but you also can create effects of writing, collage on birthday cake, birthday photo frames, writing birthday wishes, greeting cards, lovely photo frames, and lots more.

Turning a photo into a painting or cartoon are very common, even there are several apps present to which gives effects such as miniature effect or changing the background of the image.

ePhoto360 Video Effect example

But ePhoto360 not only adds effects to your image, but it can also help you out to create greeting cards, collages, logos, avatars, photo frames, text effects, etc. You can even create animated or video effects at ePhoto360

At present, there are 614 art effects which you can use to create effects for your photo. And the most important factor is that ePhoto360 is completely free. The output files don’t even contain the watermark.

All you have to do is to browser to ephoto360 official page. There are tiles of the demo effects, select the one which you want to use. If you have selected the one with text effect along with the photo, then you will be asked to enter the text along with the select photo option. You have to select your desired image file from the local drive of your device. After the selection of the image file is done, simply click the Go button, to upload the image and process the image accordingly.

adding effects to photo at ePhoto360
Adding effects to image at

How to download or share the edited image?

After few seconds of processing, the output image will be presented to you. You may either save the output image into your local drive or may directly share it to Facebook from the share button. And if you are not pleased with the output, then you may hit the Create Again button.

Photo effect by

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In the finishing line, we would really appreciate the effects that could be added to the photo by ePhoto360. The effects are really exclusive and it adds a new look to your photo. If you add these kinds of effects to your photo, you can change a simple picture into something special. And this will catch the attraction of other’s eyes.

In the case of creating banners or greetings or even animated effects or even for video intro creation, ePhoto360 is not behind. You can even create an intro video, for your Youtube channel, containing your brand name. Create greetings or banners with your message with ePhoto360.

Also, you can access its service from your smartphone. ePhoto360 has created an app both for Android and iPhone users. Download as applicable, so that you can add effects to the photos clicked on your smartphone directly. However, as a disclaimer, ePhoto360 shows ads. As the service is completely free for its users, so from the point of revenue collection, showing some ads is compromisable.

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