Amazing Photo Editing App For Background And Give A New Look

Editing the background of the image is now very common. And you don’t need to learn any kind of professional photo editing application or software to do so. Nowadays we are moving towards artificial intelligence, so most of the applications and software are forwarding towards automation.

Similarly, here in this blog, we will be discussing such an application, which will help you to change the background of your image, and add a special glory to your image. Most of the jobs will be done automatically by the application itself. Just you have to select the template, as per your choice and the application will do the rest of the job for you.

Till now we were talking about the Photo Editor Pro Background Eraser – Pic Layer android application. There are several applications or software available, for Windows or Linux, or Mac OS. But this application is developed by Riki photography for Android OS. This application will show you ads in between the usage. But as this application adds your image to another level of beauty, so you may not mind viewing few ads. And the foremost thing is that this application is completely free for usage.

How to use the Photo Layer android app to change or remove the background of the image?

Most of the tasks are automated, so you don’t need to do much to change the background of the image. All you have to do is to select the image, which you want to edit.

At first download, the application from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android phone or tablet. Then launch the application. On the home page of the application, you will see series of tiles of the templates. Selection the one as per your choice. Then the application will ask you to select the image file stored in your phone’s memory.

After selecting the image file from the storage drive, the application will auto-process the image and automatically crop your picture.

Photo Layer Auto Crop
Auto process and auto-crop by Photo Layer

What if the auto-crop is not done properly by the Photo Layer app?

Once the cropping of the image is over, it will automatically place the cropped image into the selected template. You will be able to enlarge or reduce the cropped image size from the icon as shown in the picture below. And if you think that the auto-cropping is not done properly, then you could manually edit and crop the image.

Photo Layer BG change
Change Background of the image using Photo Layer App


How to switch templates in Photo Lab?

If you don’t like the current, which you have selected previously, or want to check out other templates, then again select the template tiles from the below and the templates will download, if not already downloaded. And you will be able to see the effects in your photo. Few examples are shown below.

Photo Layer Background change effects
Few examples of Photo Layer background change effects

How to save and share images edited by the Photo Layer app?

Once the editing is complete, click on the tick mark on the upper right side of the screen. The edited image will get automatically saved in the storage of your phone. And if you want to share the image on social media. You may either do so directly from the Photo Layer app or you may share from the gallery or file manager.



Thus, the Photo Layer android application is really a wonderful application to change the background of the image and adds a magnificent effect to the photo. The important part is being such a delightful app, it is completely free. However, it does show some ads in its interface. But comparing the glorious effects it provides to the photos, earning little revenue from the users by showing ads is considerable from the developer’s point of view.

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