Amazing App To Use Phone Cam as Webcam Of Your PC

In today’s communication system, we are using video calls in every aspect of our life. Whether it’s in our professional world or the field of the online education system or our personal life. In every aspect, we are getting dependent on online video calling systems. But to make a video call from your PC, you need a webcam and if it’s not present or malfunctioning, then it becomes very difficult to do so.

To overcome such a problem, Dev47Apps had developed an application for us. Using the application, you will be able to use your phone or table cam as a webcam for your PC. The application is named DroidCam. Both the Android and the iOS versions are available.

How to use DroidCam to use phone cam as a webcam of your PC?

First of all, you need to download the application on your Android phone or your iPhone from the play store or Apple app store.

If you are using Windows or Linux operating system on your PC, then you need to download the client software which will communicate with the application installed on your phone. However, the developer has not yet developed any client application for Mac OS.

After the installation is over, both on your phone and on your PC, launch the application both on your PC and on your phone. Allow the permission, to access storage, photo/media/files, camera, Microphone, and Wi-Fi connection information. And if you have installed any external antivirus software on your PC, then it may block the client software from accessing the resources of your PC. Just allow the client software to perform its task, otherwise, it will not able to communicate with your phone.

DroidCam Interface
DroidCam Interface

How to connect your phone with your PC?

At first, open the application installed on your phone. It will show you Device IP and DroidCam Port address. Now open the client software installed on your PC. It will ask you to enter Device IP and DroidCam Port. Just enter the address as shown on your phone application.

If you want to access both video and audio, then check on both the check box of audio and video. And then click on the start button.

DroidCam Client Interface
DroidCam Client Interface

Try to establish your connection via WiFI (LAN), because establishing a connection via USB requires additional settings. Once you have established a successful connection, you will be able to use your phone or Tablet’s camera as a webcam for your PC.

DroidCam Client Interface1
Using Phone Cam as Webcam via DroidCam

How to switch between the front and back camera in DroidCam?

Switching between the front and the back camera is possible in DroidCam. There is a camera switch button on the top right corner of the interface, to switch between the back and front camera.

Is it possible to switch off the mobile screen while DroidCam is working in the background?

Yes, for better battery optimization, this feature is also included. You can remain your mobile screen off, with DroidCam working behind and doing its job.

DroidCam Interface 1
DroidCam interface


Thus, Dev47Apps has done a commendable job, by creating such an application, which will let you find an alternative webcam for your PC. If you don’t have a webcam or your webcam is malfunctioning, and you have to attend a meeting on an urgent basis. Then DroidCam will prove really helpful for you. Even in the case of your child’s online class, you can easily use your phone’s camera to use as a webcam. No need to worry about it anymore. Connecting the phone with your PC is not rocket science. Your child will be able to use it if he or she knows how to do it once properly.

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