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Linux may not always be on the priority list of the operating systems, for many users. But Linux always remains a point of interest for many users. Even while setting up servers or networking setups, Linux is been preferred. Thus, you need to be familiar with the different distro Linux environments and their workings and features, which is very necessary for IT professionals and IT students.

Online Linux

There are many distros of Linux available on the market, although most Linux providers have introduced a new feature of Live CD/DVD. That means you need not have to install the operating system into your system. Without installing the software into your system, you may directly run the operating system and load it into your RAM directly from the CD or DVD, or Pendrive. Then you can perform the required job and close it, without hampering the system files of your HDD or SSD. But for that, you need to download the operating system from the internet and create a bootable disk or thumb drive.

There are several Linux providers, presenting different distros and versions of Linux. But to know all the distro Linux and versions, it is not always possible to download all the distro Linux and create a bootable drive for live sessions or install it into your system. In most cases, the IT professionals and the students use to install different operating systems in the virtual machines, but that too requires or consumes your hard drive space.

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So, in such a scenario, had put forward an amazing project to its users. They had set up Virtual Network Computing (VNC), in their server, and through which they are presenting you, more than 300 different Linux operating systems, including Free DOS, Android-x86, Antivirus Live CD, Gparted, and Parted Magic.

How to run different distro Linux online on your web browser?

To run an online operating system, all you need is an active internet connection and a web browser. You need not have to worry about the operating system, from which you are accessing. Currently, you may be using Windows or Mac, or Chromebook OS. irrespective of which operating system you are currently using, you can access the Linux OS of your choice out of more than 300 different Linux operating systems.

According to the usage share statistics of the operating system, Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used operating system and used approximately 74% (based on web usage) and 97.03% (based on gaming platform usage) globally. Whereas Apple’s macOS ranks second and is being used for approximately 9.6% to 13%, Google’s Chrome OS is used for approximately 6% (in the US) and Linux is used for around 2%. This stats is portrayed as per the data collected by Wikipedia.

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Thus it is very clear from the statistics, globally Linux users are very less, for personal computing. But in the professional field of networking and server setups, Linux has made a significant place. Thus mainly for the IT professionals and the students, knowing Linux is very important. But it’s not always possible for an individual to install Linux into your system or explore the other versions by installing in your system. has really a commendable project, where you could use more than 300 different distros of Linux, just by using your internet connection and a web browser.

You just need to start the operating system of your choice, from the list provided on the home page. As per their current listing, they are hosting 660 versions of 357 different operating systems. Just choose the operating system you want to launch and select the version. A pop-up window will open, once the OS is ready to launch. Don’t forget to allow your web browser’s pop-up blocker, for

The versatility of is really amazing. Few other websites do the same kind of job, but they are not so much versatile. It would really help mainly the IT professionals or the student to know better the behavior and usability of different types of OS and also be familiar with them so that they could perform in a much better way in their professional field. If you really like this post and find it informative, then please leave a comment, which will promote our enthusiasm and bring forth such content, which will help you to move on, in a much better way.

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