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Most of the time, after clicking a snapshot in your mobile or camera, we undergo beautify or little makeover of our images, before uploading to Facebook or Instagram, or any other social media. And there are lots of applications available, to perform such tasks. And even there are tons of mobile-friendly apps available in the google play store or mac app store, which will serve your purpose. In this article, we will be discussing one such app called Makeover by ModiFace, which is available in the Microsoft Store and will run on your Windows 10 or 11 PC.

From where do you get the Makeover app ?

At first, you need to download the application from the Microsoft Store. Alternatively, you may also download the app CNET Download website. After you download it, install it on your Windows PC.

How does the Makeover application work?

The editing of the image file is too simple in this application. Launch the application and you will be able to see a few pictures of different models. And there is also another option to upload your new photo, either from your computer or Facebook or directly from your camera.

You may use the pictures of the models to test the functionalities of different options present in the application. Whenever you are all set, and understood all the functions, then you may upload your picture or any other picture you want to edit from your computer or camera or directly from your Facebook account.

How to upload photos into the Makeover app ?

If you want to upload a photo from your computer, click on the upload from computer option and an explorer window will open to browse and select your desired image file.

You may also select the upload from Facebook, which will open a window and ask you to log in to your Facebook account and select your uploaded Facebook image.

You may also click the image directly from the camera attached to your system and use it for editing.

Makeover application upload image
How to upload images in the Makeover application


How to edit or beautify the uploaded image?

After the upload of the image file is over you get an option to adjust the face dots, left eye, right eye, and lips dots so that the application can recognize correctly the face, eyes, and lips. Once it is done, you are ready to apply all the beautification tools to the image.

Under the photo tab, you will be able to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of the image. If you find it suitable to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color setting, then you may do it from here.

adjust brightness, contrast, and color of the image in makeover app
Adjust brightness, contrast, and color of the image

After the previous step is done, then you may move to the next tab, which is the face tab, under which you will get three options, foundation, concealer, and blush. You may select color shade as per your choice, which shouts your image’s complexion.

Then, move on to the Eyes tab, under which you will get two options shadow and liner. Here, same as before, color shades are given. Apply as per the image demands.

Last but not the least, you have to move onto the Lips tab. Here you will get multiple lipsticks or color shades. Apply it accordingly.

Image edited using the Makeover app
Image edited using Makeover app

How to download or share the edited image using the Makeover app?

Once the editing of the image is over, you are ready to either download the image into your system or share it directly to Facebook or Twitter, or Pinterest or email someone. You will get all those options, by clicking on the share button, present in the right button corner of the image.


Thus, using this application, it can be said, beautifying your image is much easier and simple using the Makeover app. Moreover, this application is completely free. However, there are some product tools, which may ask you for an extra cost. But if you don’t use those and ignore them, then you don’t have to pay a single penny for using this app. The shades provided as the free tool are sufficient enough to beautify your image. Hope you like this application and find it comfortable enough to beautify your images.

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