An Amazing Free USB Locking app for Windows PC

To protect your PC from data leakage and maintaining your privacy, sometimes you may need to lock your USB ports, from unauthorized access to external storage drives. Even in the professional fields, the USB ports need to be locked, to prevent physical stealing or leakage of data.

Several similar applications or software are available, which can be used to lock your USB ports from unauthorized access to external storage drives, such as thumb drives or external hard disk drives.

In this post, we will discuss one such application named Nomesoft USB Guard, which is made to lock your USB ports from unauthorized access to an external storage drive. However, this will not prevent your PC to interact with any other peripheral devices using the same USB ports.

How to install Nomesoft USB Guard?

Nomesoft USB Guard is a freeware application and is available on the Cnet website or Softpedia. You may download the software from any one of them.

The size of the application is too small, approximately a quarter of an MB. Just download the software into your system and install it.

Whether Nomesoft USB Guard works on all versions of Windows?

If you are using Windows 7 or a later version, then you need to have administrator access. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this application to lock your USB port.

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How to use Nomesoft USB Guard?

Don’t just double click on the icon to run the application, if you do so then the application will prompt a warning message for having administrator access.

Nomesoft warning message for administrator access
Nomesoft prompts a warning message for Administrator access.

Run the application, by right click on the Nomesoft USB guard icon, and select run as administrator icon. If you are logged in as an administrator, then click on the Yes button to permit your operating system to run the application as administrator, on the user account control pop-up window.

And if you are logged into any other user account, then you will be asked to enter the administrator password.


Once you run the application with administrator access, then the Continue button will get activated. Click on the continue button, and the main interface of the application opens up.

Nomesoft USB guard main interface
The main interface of the Nomesoft USB Guard

How to lock USB ports of your PC?

In the main interface, there are two options available, either to enable the USB or to disable the USB completely.

And under the Enable USB option, there are two options available, for Read or Write.

You may choose either of the two options:

  • One is to make any removable USB drive with only read only privilege
  • The other is to make the removable drive with full read and write privilege(which is by default).

That means, keeping the USB enabled, you may make the removable drives open in the read-only mode.

Once you activate this option, then if any removable drive is inserted into the USB port of your PC, you could access the contents of the USB drive, but are not able to copy or write any content, from your PC to the removal drive.

This is an added feature, which Nomesoft offers to its user, to enable the USB ports with read-only privilege.


As a whole, Nomesoft is a very simple and useful tool, to stop the USB ports of your PC from unauthorized access to any external removable storage drive.

You may also get this option to block your USB drives, from the BIOS setting of the motherboard of your PC. However, if that is done, then it will fully disable the USB ports. It will not even work to connect any peripheral devices too.

If you intend only to stop any external removable storage drive from stealing your system’s stored data or from any kind of virus contamination, then Nomesoft USB Guard is the perfect solution for your PC or your business setup.

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