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Most of the time, our children or some other family members share the home PC, to meet up their individual needs. And in this pandemic situation, from education to office work, almost everything is becoming digital. Thus the use of computers and smartphones is growing day by day. And it’s not possible to have individual PC for every member of our family. So we need to share the system with the other members of the family as per the requirement. In such a scenario, to meet up the security or privacy of the important files or folders, of our need, software to lock or hide the important files and folder will be best suited. One such folder lock software is Anvi Folder Locker.

Anvi Folder Locker software is built for the Windows operating system and is completely free for use. You can not only lock any folder with the Anvi Folder Locker application, but you can also hide any folder along with the lock feature and also can add permission to the folder such as read-only. It will add security to your important and confidential files and folder and safeguard them from unauthorized access.

How to lock a folder with Anvi Folder lock software?

Let now see, how to use Anvi Folder Locker software to lock any folder. For that, you first need to download the software from the internet. Anvi Folder Locker is available on various freeware distribution websites, such as Softonic, filehippo, filehorse, uptodown, and so on. You may download from any one of them. After the download is over, install the software in your system.

Once you run the software, the application will ask you to set a master password and add an email id, in case you forget the master password. The recovery mail will be sent to your email, for the recovery of your password.

Master password setup Anvi Folder Locker
Master Password setup- Anvi Folder Locker

Setting up the master password is for that first-time setup only. Then the main interface of the Anvi Folder Locker will open up, and you will find the space to add the folder which you want to lock or hide or both. You may either drag and drop the folder which you want to secure with Anvi Folder Locker or may use the add button to add the folder of your choice from the explorer window.

Add Folder in Anvi Folder Locker App
Adding Folder in Anvi Folder Locker App

After adding the desired folder into the Anvi Folder Locker app, you get the option to select the protection method. Choose the one which you want to apply to your personal and important files or folders.

Protection methods of Anvi Folder Locker
How to lock or hide folder or file with Anvi Folder Locker

How to hide folder with Anvi Folder Locker?

If you want to hide your important file or folder just select the hide option or may choose the hide and lock option to do both.

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How to change the permission to read-only mode with Anvi Folder Locker?

You may directly change the permission of the folder to read-only, from the properties option. And if you are using the Anvi Folder Locker app, you do so by changing the protection method to read-only.

How to add a custom password to lock any folder with Anvi Folder Locker?

If you choose only the lock option, then the locked folder can be accessed using the master password setup in Anvi Folder Locker software. You can set up a custom password or one other than the master password. To do so, select the password option, from the protection method.

Lock folder with custom password - Anvi Folder Locker
Lock folder with custom password

How to unprotect the locked or protected file or folder?

To unprotect your protected file or folder, select the unprotect option from the protection method. The protection will be disabled, once you select this option.

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However, you can change the master password, from the setting tab on the left panel of the interface. There are other setting options too, which you can change as per your choice. An exclude list is presented, which shows the list and path of some system files and folders. This means that those system folders can not be protected, such as recycle bin, desktop, windows folder, and so on. If anyone tries to do so, the application will not let him do so.


While briefing, it can be said that Anvi Folder Locker is a good choice to keep your important and secret files or folder protected and hidden from the rest of the world. And the interface is not at all complex, even a normal user can well adopt its usability. However, there is no cloud storage support, which seems to be lacking behind. Otherwise, the Anvi Folder locker is very simple and easy to use, folder locker software.

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