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We are now stepping into the world of AI technology. And in every aspect, artificial intelligence is spreading its wings. As we all know, editing or creating an informative video is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and patience, as well as skills. But with the development of artificial intelligence, all our tasks are going to become much easier. However, some of the video editing software developers had already started working on this issue and integrated AI tech with their applications to make the task much easier. But those AI video generators are in their early stage.

In this article, we will be discussing ten such video-generating or editing applications, in which the developers had integrated AI technology with it. They are not just simple video editing tools, where you need to do the task of editing or creating a video on your own. However, there might be several kinds of tasks that you need to be done in video editing. Let’s see how much and what these AI video generators can do for you.

But in many cases, people are not confident about their communication skills, so they are worried about creating videos. But if that can be done with the help of AI technology then people all over the world could easily share each other’s knowledge, feelings, or maybe emotions, and news with the rest of the world. That can be done, with the text to video technology. Let’s see what features these five AI video generators possess and can do.

Top 10 AI Video Generators in 2023

1. Steve.AI

This application is a really interesting one, it has the ability to create or generate videos of its own. You can either write your own script and set it step-by-step according to the scenes and the application will generate a video. However, there are several other similar options too, such as Text to video, text to animation, `blog to video, blog to animation, audio to video, tweet to video, PowerPoint to video, page URL to the video, and page URL to animation. We tried to generate a short video with this AI video generator tool and the output was wonderful.

However, if you are trying to create those videos using the free account, then a watermark of Steve AI will prevail and you wouldn’t be able to create the high-resolution video above 720p. And there are 3 video downloads free with a watermark in the free account. If you want to use this application for more options and features, please subscribe to the paid plan. And the more interesting feature is that it has an inbuilt voice-over service, which means it will automatically convert text to speech, from the script.

Video created using Steve AI, an AI video generator.

If you are getting tired of typing your keyboard to write the script, you may use the speech-to-text feature to write the script for you. Here are the 8 web-based speech-to-text applications for your easy writing.


This is also an interesting online AI video generator application. It has the ability to generate video using your video script. However, it has some additional features, to access scripts using ChatGPT, from a web page, for e-commerce purposes, or from any presentation. The application first converts the text to speech and then an avatar will read that out for you in the video. The lips of the avatar are synchronized in such a manner that it seems that the avatar is reading it out for you in the video. There are different templates and avatars available, you can select them as per your requirement. You can even make your own avatar by clicking your own photo from a phone camera or webcam

Although, the service is not completely free. if you want to use this online tool for professional purposes, then you have to opt for its paid plans. A demo short video is shown below, which was created using the Elai AI video generator application.


Synthesia is somewhat similar to the previous one in the list. Here, you will be able to create a video with an avatar that will read out the script given by you. All other technicalities are the same. However, we are not able to preview any demo videos, because it has no free membership option. So, to use this application for creating AI video content, you need to opt for a paid plan.

Synthesia AI Video Generator
Synthesia AI Video Generator

5. Reals by HourOne

This is another excellent tool for creating videos using digital human avatars. The features are almost the same, you can set your scenes one by one. However, this application allows for creating 3 minutes of free videos. And with that, we tried to create a short demo video. Although, downloading and sharing videos are not allowed in the free account. Thus keeping all the background intact, we just copied the screen while watching the video, to review it with a demo, giving credit to the provider.

AI Video Generator: Reals by HourOne

6. HeyGen

HeyGen is a simple and easy-to-use interface, with the ability to generate content from your script. There are several pre-built avatars and templates, already created, which you can use to generate your content, or may customize them or create a new one as per your requirement. You can use chatGPT to create a script for you, integrated within this application. Although the service is not completely free, you need to subscribe to its paid plans as per your requirement. Only 1-minute video creation was allowed with its watermark, thus we created a short demo video. Please check this video below.

AI video-generated content using the HeyGen application

7. Pictory

Pictory is another impressive tool to generate video from any text or you may also generate video from any online content, such as a post on a blog. We did the same to create a sample video using Pictory. We converted one of our articles “How To Use Whatsapp From PC Using Whatsapp Web?” into a video tutorial. However, here you will not get an avatar to read the content on your behalf. The voice-over facility is available, but to activate this you need to first select a voice-over article from the audio tab and then it will get activated. And the application will automatically select the background pictures as per the script. Although if you need to change any one of them, you are free to do so. There are several other options available, which you may explore while using it.

You could create up to 3 projects with max 10 minutes duration each for free. If you like using the application, then you may think to spend for a paid membership.

If you want to subscribe to its paid membership plan, you may use this referral link to subscribe and use the promo code: debjyoti67 to get 20% discount.

Converted one of our articles into a video using Pictory, an AI Video Generator

8. Colossyan

This is really an impressive AI video generator application. The interface is too simple to handle, just choose the template, avatar, voice-over artist and background music, and pictures, and it’s all done. The application will start working on your script. Now preview the video and if required do a bit of editing. After everything is done and final, hit the generate button. The application will generate the final video for you and you will be able to download it for your own concern. You can give it a try with its free plan, which though has some limitations, such as a watermark and locked premium access, still before paying for its premium membership plan. Here is a demo video generated using this application.

AI Video created with Colossyan Studio

9. Videomaker by Designs.AI

Designs.AI is a collection of multiple applications, however, as of now, we will focus on the Videomaker application of Designs.AI. The application is designed to generate AI videos from any script. However, you will not be able to find any avatar who will read your script onscreen. Instead, the scripts are presented onscreen as PowerPoint presentations with voice-over audio and an animated background video. Although this is not a poor concept for presenting your video. We created a demo video using this app, appended below.

Videomaker by Design.AI- AI video generator

10. Visla

The last but not on our list is Visla. With Visla. Like the previous one in our list, it also doesn’t allow animated avatars to read out your script on-screen. Although, you can use short background videos which relate to your subject in the script. Voice-over audio will be created automatically in this application and the scenes will be arranged as per the sentence used in the script. However, you can edit them as per your requirement. Adding background music and almost all other options are available in this application. You can even use a ChatGPT-like AI tool to create your script. You just need to tell on what subject line you want to have your script and write a few lines about it. The rest will be done by the AI tool.

We used our own script to generate the video. But, unfortunately, after doing it we were not able to download any video file generated using this application in the free membership plan. Thus we recorded the screen for our users as a tutorial video, to generate AI video using Visla.

A tutorial to generate AI video using Visla


So, in this article, we reviewed ten different AI video generator applications, with practical demos. However, none of them are completely free, as you all know good things always come at a price. Although most of them are free to use with some limitations, for judging whether it is easy to handle before you purchase its paid membership plan. So if you are thinking to have one of them, you may first use them and then judge which one to subscribe to for further use. We had practically tested all of them that we had listed in this article, and it took a lot of time to review all these applications.

Thus, if you like our content, please don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below. And also if there are any areas where we need to improve, please share with us using our contact us page. Thanks once again for giving your valuable time and being a member of the TechiTweet family. Hope to see you more. Before departing, we would request you to subscribe or follow our feed channel for more updates and post quickly and also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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