Amazing Solutions to Spotify Web Player Not Working

Spotify is an amazing online music player and is also available in the web version. That means if you are using any system, whose app is not been published yet by the Spotify authority, then you can use the Spotify Web Player to download or listen to online music very easily. However, sometimes your Spotify Web Player stops working and you enter into a sudden environment of total silence. Maybe you are thinking that there is a signal issue with your internet connection or Spotify server not responding, which will resolve very shortly and you will be able to hear your music again. But alas, that might not be the actual problem, with your Spotify Web Player. This article will discuss all the problems you might face for Spotify’s Web player stopped working and its solutions.

First, we have to find out the root or cause of the problem, and then we will be able to solve the problem. What kind of problem may have caused which hinders the Spotify Web Browser stopped working? The problem can be mainly classified into four types.

  • Hardware or internet connectivity related issues.
  • Operating system related issue.
  • Browser issue.
  • Misconfiguration of Spotify settings.
  • Network blocking online media playing.

You will notice that gradually we are narrowing the problem issues. Now let’s discuss in detail all such problems and their solutions.

Hardware or Internet Connectivity related problem in listing online music

At first, check the cable connection of the sound system connected to your computer. And if you are using a wireless connection, then please the connection is established successfully and is in connected status. In case you are using Bluetooth headphones, confirm that your headphone is not running out of battery. In such a case recharge the battery of the headphone or any other sound system running on the battery.

Also check your internet connectivity, whether your router and other devices are working fine or not.

However, there is not much in this section. This section is mentioned, just because, in cases where the problem is very simple, but we are unable to resolve it. As in most cases, we indulge in searching the difficult technical issues and miss out on simple ones. And at last, get puzzled.

Operating System-related issue which hinders music play

If you are using Windows operating system, please ensure that you are not using the N version. This is because the N version of the Windows operating system does not come with the Media player functionality. However, if you find that the N version of the Windows operating system is installed in your system, then you have to download the Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website. Don’t forget that this media feature pack for the N version of Windows 10 wouldn’t work with other versions of Windows 10 or Windows 11.

And if you are using any other operating system, then please ensure you have a proper sound driver installed into your system. Otherwise, no sound will output from your system.

Browser issue due to which Spotify Web Player not working

Before we discuss the browser issue, please be sure that Spotify web player is supported on all the popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Apple Safari browser.

  • If the Spotify Web Player is not working on your browser, make sure that the browser you are using is up to date. If it’s not updated, update it online and try playing the web-based music player.
  • Try playing Spotify Web Player in the private or Incognito mode of the browser you are using.
  • If you have extension or plugin installed in your browser, try deactivating the plugings one by one and try playign spotify. Any installed plugin may hinder the streaming of music.
  • Clear the browser’s cache memory and cookies.
  • If you browser is poping up “Playback of protected content is not enabled” message when you are opening the Spotify Web player, then make sure the protected content is in blocked and you have to manually allow it. Similarly for other browsers you need to turn off blocking for this site.
Allow Spotify Web Player to play protected content
Allow Spotify Web Player to play protected content
  • If you find that your browser is able to load Spotify Web Player properly, but you are not able to hear any sound from it, then try flushing DNS cache, by pressing the Windows key + R and run the code ipconfig /flushdns. This will purge all the contents of the cache memory of your PC.

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Misconfiguration of Spotify settings due to which Web Player not working

Sometimes we remain logedin to multiple devices using the same account or may be sharing the same ID with other family members. And when they are doing something on their device, that disturbs your media playing experience. Thus to safe guard from such problem, you need to sign out everywhere you are already logged in, from you account section.

Sign out from all other devices on Spotify
Sign out from all other devices on Spotify

If you are returning from you vaccation tour, then you need to change the location setting in you Spotify profile section.

Network not blocking online media playing.

Sometime we use the wifi connection of our office or school or colleges which blocks online media playing. If such scenario matches yours, then try using different internet connection.


Hope, the problems and their solutions discussed in this artile will help you out, if you are experiencing problem is playing Spotify Web player. More importantly if you are using you own system, then try to install and us the Spotify desktop app, which is more convenient. If you still experience problem in playing music on Spotify, you may share your experience in the below comment section. We may discuss and get updated about the other problem, you may have faced.

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