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Smartphones have now become an integral part of our life. And all kinds of personal data are now stored in our smartphones. Even there may be some confidential photos or videos, which we may not want to share with others. Sometimes our phones are being used by our close ones or by our family members, friend or by our children at home. In such a scenario, we feel very awkward and frightened to hand over our phone to our near ones. And if we lock the gallery or the file manager of our phone, then it may be a matter of query to others. Thus if there is a vault app to hide photos and videos installed on the phone and will not be portrayed as a vault, then the others will not suspect you about the hiding or locking of your personal and confidential photos and videos. And you will not hesitate to hand over your phone to your near ones.

If you are an android user then the solution of the vault app to hide and lock your confidential photos and videos is there. Calculator- Photo Vault is one such application for the android device with which you can easily hide and lock your confidential and personal photos and videos. And from the outside, this app will look like a simple calculator app. Thus you don’t have to worry about the fact the someone is doubting that you are hiding any of your confidential data from them.

How to use the vault app to hide photos and videos?

To use the app, you first need to download and install Calculator- Photo Vault app from Google Play Store. Now launch the application.

How to set up Calculator Photo Vault app?

At first, the application will ask you to set the app password 4 to 8 digits and press the ‘=’ sign to confirm. Once again repeat the process to confirm the password.

Setting up password in Calculator Photo Vault app to hide photos and videos
Setting up the password in Calculator Photo vault app.

Then a secure gallery named Sgallery will be set up and will ask you for storage access permission. Just grant permission to access the photo, media, and files on your device. Next set up the password recovery question with an answer and recovery email ID, in case you forget the password. If you forget the password, simply enter ‘11223344’ into the calculator and press the ‘=’ button. The application will understand that you want to recover your password and will ask you to answer the security question.

Password recovery of Calculator Photo Vault app
Password recovery of Calculator Photo Vault app

How to hide and lock confidential photos and videos with the Calculator Photo Vault app?

Once all the setup is complete, just tap on the ‘+’ round button on the right bottom corner of the app to add the image, video, documents, audio, or any other files from the phone storage. Then the app will ask you to select the encryption mode. If you want to hide a high-security file, then select the ‘encryption’ mode else for the low-security file, select the ‘hidden’ mode. And then click on the OK button and your confidential photo, video or any other file will hide from the gallery or the file manager.

How to unlock the hidden or encrypted file?

To unlock any hidden or encrypted file back, just long-press photo or video or any other file for selection. Then click on the unlock button on the upper segment of the app. The app will ask you to choose the path of the unlocked file. Select the path as per your choice and hit the Ok button. Your file will be unlocked and you can then access the file directly from the gallery or file manager.

How to unlock file at Calculator Photo Vault
How to unlock file at Calculator Photo Vault


Thus while ending, the Calculator Photo vault app is an excellent app to hide your confidential photos, videos, audio, documents, or any other files from getting exposed to others, who are handling your phone. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, then also you can keep your important files safe from thieves or hackers. No one else can’t even imagine or think that some confidential files, photos, videos, or documents are statch under a simple and normal calculator app. Thus nobody will peep through the calculator app on your phone and try to recover them. In other words, your confidential files are in safe custody. This app shows ads, which is compromisable in terms of revenue earning of the developer of this app.

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