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Chrome remote desktop is a remote desktop application developed by Google. As we all know that desktop sharing is no more a complex task and it is been used by common users too. In respect of the previous scenario that it is been used mainly by the IT professionals and tech support people. Nowadays there are several applications developed and floating online to remote control other devices. And for that, you don’t have to do any type of coding. The full setup will be taken care of by the software itself.

In this regard, Google doesn’t stand behind. There are several Desktop sharing applications available online, but you have to install separate software to use them. Whereas, the desktop sharing application developed by Google, is integrated with the Google Chrome browser. That means, it can work from any OS which supports Google Chrome Browser. In short, Google Remote Desktop is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux for desktops or laptops and also on iOS and Android for smartphones. So let’s move on to see, how to use Chrome remote desktop by Google.

How to install Chrome Remote Desktop by Google?

To install Chrome Remote Desktop, you need to have Google Chrome browser installed into your system. Without the presence of Google Chrome Browser, you will not be able to use the Chrome Remote Desktop feature. So, before we move on to install the Chrome Remote Desktop service, make sure you have installed Chrome browser by Google into your system.

Now from your Google Chrome browser, navigate to Then under the Set up Remote Access, you will find the download link. Click on the download link to download the installation file and follow the installation process. Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension of the Google Chrome browser. After the installation is over, you need to set up a PIN of 6 numbers to operate the computer remotely.

Chrome Remote Desktop Set Up
Chrome Remote Desktop Set Up

If you have multiple computers or devices logged into by the same Google ID, then you will be able to view all the devices, on the same page. And if they are switched on and connected to the internet then you will be able to control them remotely with the PIN you have set up with the individual device.

How to remote access other computer or smartphone with Google Chrome Remote Desktop?

For remote access to any other machine having Chrome Remote Desktop installed on it, on both the machines open Chrome browser and navigate Or you may directly open the Chrome Remote Desktop app. For Windows OS users click on the Start Menu>Chrome Apps>Chrome Remote Desktop.

In both, the systems click on the Remote support tab on the left panel. Under this tab, there are two options, one is to “share this screen”, this option is for the one who wants to share his or her desktop. And the other option is the “connect to another computer” option. This option is for the one who wants to control the partner screen.

Thus to access the partner’s desktop screen, ask the partner to generate the code from the “Share this screen”option. The code generated on the partner’s system will remain valid for 5 minutes. If the code is not used within 5 minutes, the following code will expire. And every time your partner has to generate a new code.

Chrome Remote Desktop Sharing Options
Chrome Remote Desktop Sharing Options

Once the code is generated, your partner has to share the code with you via any social media messaging service or email, or chat messenger, or over the telephone, or any other method. And you have to insert the code in the “Connect to another computer” option and establish the connection with the valid 5 minutes duration.

For the Linux user, you may download and install the 64-bit Debian package from here. The Android users can download the Chrome Remote Desktop app from Google Play Store. iPhone or iPad users can download the app from iTunes.


There are several applications available online such as TeamViewer, which provides Desktop sharing features. But out of those applications, Chrome Remote Desktop provides a simple but powerful experience of remote access of desktop. The application is light weight, with the security of Google. And it’s integrated with Chrome browser which is loved and used by most of the users. Thus, enjoy the experience of desktop sharing with the security of Google.

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    1. Thanks for your visiting us and giving your valuable comment. It would be our pleasure if you enjoyed reading our articles and benefit you in any way. Please do visit us more.

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