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The conversion of word files to PDF is very common and can be done directly from the office suite or by installing a PDF printer. But sometimes it becomes necessary to convert PDF files to word, or excel, or PowerPoint. This conversion from PDF to word or excel or PowerPoint file can not be done with the office suite. Wondershare has developed an amazing application named HiPDF, to convert the PDF file to Word or Excel or PowerPoint file and vice versa. Lot more features can be done with the HiPDF application, which we will be discussing in this post.

Wondershare has developed this application both online and offline mode. The online service is completely free, but the offline service is not completely free. The free tire offline account has very limited access. The HiPDF Pro Plus subscription costs $8 monthly and $62 annually, as per the current plan. The subscription plans are subject to change as per the companies policy. However, if you have no problem using its online service, then you don’t have to think of spending a single penny.

HiPDF HomePage
HiPDF Home Page

How to convert pdf to word file with HiPDF?

To convert any PDF file to a Word file online, at first, you need to browse to HiPDF Home Page. There you will find thumbnails of all the functions which HiPDF offers to its users. Select the option PDF to Word, then the browser will ask you to upload the PDF file. You may also drag and drop the PDF file in the browser window.

Convert PDF to Word with HiPDF
Convert PDF to Word file with HiPDF

Once you select the PDF file which you want to convert, the file will get uploaded into its server. Now click on the convert button and the application will activate the OCR and start the conversion process. Wait for few seconds or the allotted time, and the corresponding word file is ready to download.

What else can be done with the HiPDF?

HiPDF has a lot more features, which can be performed online and at no cost.

Under the Convert from PDF heading, you will get options such as

  1. PDF to Word
  2. PDF to Excel
  3. PDF to PPT
  4. PDF to JPG
  5. PDF to PNG
  6. PDF to GIF
  7. PDF to TIFF
  8. PDF to BMP
  9. PDF to Text
  10. PDF to EPUB
  11. PDF to HTML
  12. PDF to RTF
  13. PDF to PAGES
  14. PDF to DXF

Next under the Convert to PDF heading, you get

  1. Word to PDF
  2. Excel to PDF
  3. PPT to PDF
  4. Image to PDF
  5. JPG to PDF
  6. PNG to PDF
  7. BMP to PDF
  8. GIF to PDF
  9. TIFF to PDF
  10. TXT to PDF
  11. RTF to PDF
  12. PUB to PDF

After that, you get the PDF Tools, such as

  1. Compress PDF
  2. Merge PDF
  3. Crop PDF
  4. Split PDF
  5. Rotate PDF
  6. Edit PDF
  7. Unlock PDF
  8. Delete Pages
  9. Protect PDF
  10. Extract images from PDF
  11. Rearrange PDF Pages
  12. Redact PDF
  13. Replace Text in PDF
  14. Sign PDF
  15. Share Document

Last but not the least, under the Image Tools, you get

  1. Compress image
  2. Crop image
  3. Resize image
  4. Rotate image
  5. Image to Text
  6. JPG to Word
  7. JPG to Excel
  8. JPG to PPT
  9. JPG to ICO
  10. JPG to TXT
  11. JPG to PNG
  12. JPG to GIF
  13. JPG to TIFF
  14. JPG to RTF
  15. TIFF to JPG
  16. GIF to JPG
  17. BMP to JPG
  18. PNG to JPG
  19. PNG to ICO

This long list proves that HiPDF not only deals with PDF files, it can also be used as an image tool to change or juggle between the technicalities of an image file.

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HiPDF is an excellent tool to edit and convert PDF files to other file types such as word, excel, PowerPoint, or image files and vice versa. For the web version, you don’t have to spend a single penny out of your pocket but if you are interested to use its desktop version for Windows PC, you have to subscribe to the paid plan. Till now, Wondershare has developed the offline version only for Windows users. However, the developer has declared the release of the Mac version very soon. The online version does show ads in between, which can be compromised because they are not charging any amount from their users for their free online service. As a whole HiPDF is really an amazing and useful tool to convert and edit any PDF file.

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