How To Set Up Dual Monitor On Windows 10/11

Are you bored viewing the same laptop monitor regularly? Or if you are a desktop user, then you might be tired of viewing the same screen all the time. But do you know that you can connect your TV or any other monitor with your laptop or desktop, as a duplicate or extended display option. But the question is how to set up a dual monitor with your laptop or PC? In this article, we will discuss this topic. If you have a full HD or 4K TV or monitor in your home, then you can use it as a dual monitor with your PC or Laptop and use it for viewing online videos or playing high-resolution games.

Before we move on to, how to set up a dual monitor with your PC or Laptop, let us understand what types of video output connections or ports are supported by your PC and Laptop?

What are the different types of Computer video connectors?

The video signals are transferred from your desktop or laptop to the external display via video connectors. There are so far almost six types of connectors

  1. DVI (Present in older desktop and laptops)
  2. VGA (Present in Older PCs but very common and popular)
  3. Display Port
  4. HDMI (Present in newer desktop and laptops and is very popular)
  5. Thunderbolt (Present in newer Macbooks)
  6. USB-C type (present in some of latest desktop and laptops)

However, if you want to connect your full HD or 4K TV with your desktop and laptop, then presently most of the TV is provided with HDMI ports and previously they had VGA ports. So please check the connection types of your TV or other display units which you want to connect with your desktop or laptop. If your TV has an HDMI port and your want to connect your Laptop with it, then your laptop must have an HDMI port for the secondary video output. Else you have to connect a converter to convert your port types along with the signal.

What are the things necessary for the setup of a dual monitor?

Before you set up a dual monitor, first check the connection ports of both the monitor or TV and the desktop or laptop computer with which you want to connect. If both the devices have the same ports, then you need not have to worry. For example, if both the devices have the HDMI connection type all you need is an HDMI cable to connect both the devices. You may purchase either from your local market or may purchase it from any of the online shopping sites.

HDMI Ports for setup dual monitor
HDMI Ports

Or if both the devices are a little older, then it’s likely to have VGA ports on both devices. Then also you don’t have to worry about it, just purchase a VGA cable instead of an HDMI cable.

VGA Ports for connecting display
VGA Ports

The same is applicable for other similar connection types. But you have to worry a little if the connection ports are not matching with one present on your TV or monitor and the one present on your desktop or laptop. But an alternative way is always present. There are some converters present in the market, which will help you out to convert your signal and port type. If you don’t get the one in your local market you may purchase it from online eCommerce websites. However, you need any detailed or specific information regarding the same, you may mention it in the comment section below and we will try our level best to provide the best possible solution in this regard.

Where is the secondary video port for desktop users to connect dual monitor?

One more thing you need to keep in mind if you are a desktop user. Generally, the motherboard of the desktop has only one video output port. So if you want to set up a secondary monitor or use your TV as the dual monitor, then you have to install a graphics card, which will let your desktop for an additional video output port. There are different kinds of graphics cards available. Please match the one with your desktop’s motherboard and other configurations before purchasing, and also as per your requirement and budget.

This goes the hardware part, now let’s look into the software configuration part while setting up a dual monitor.

How to set up and configure a dual monitor on Windows 10 or 11?

Once you connect the dual or secondary display with your laptop or desktop computer, right-click on the desktop. And then select the Display Settings.

Display settings for configuring dual monitor
Display settings for configuring the dual monitor

Then the display setting window will open up and from there you will be able to view both the monitors which are connected with your system. You can drag the display thumbnails to change the position and right side of the displays. You can also update the display settings, whether you want to duplicate the display or want to extend the display. If you want to view only display 1 or 2 and make the other one blank. That too can be done from here.

Configuring dual monitor
Configuring dual monitor

However, other customization options can be made from this display settings window. Such as setting the resolution of each monitor or changing refresh rate or changing orientation or changing the scale and so on. But that is optional.

Is there any other way to connect a dual monitor with your system?

The answer to this question is yes. If you want to connect your system with a smart TV or display, then you can also cast the display wirelessly. To do so, you need to connect the display wirelessly from the display setting.

However, you can also share your desktop with any remote desktop application such as TeamViewer or Chrome Remote Desktop application, to share your screen remotely. But that can be done between two systems such as computers or Smartphones.


So, whether you connect a secondary display wirelessly or physically, we tried to focus on almost all the possible ways to connect a secondary monitor or rather a dual monitor. Not only for the entertainment purpose but also in the offices also such as in the IT industry or of stockbroking, dual monitor or multiple display system plays a major role. And nowadays in the case of high-tech gaming, a dual monitor is essential. So, if you still have any questions regarding the use of a dual monitor setup, please feel free to write to us in the comment section below.

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    1. Thanks for visiting us and giving your valuable comment. It would be our pleasure if you enjoyed reading our articles and benefit you in any way. Please do visit us and we will try our level best to share content on more exciting topics…

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