10 Best Online Translators To Boost Your Productivity

We often use online translator services while doing work or dealing with different languages. In such a situation we take the help of the most popular online translator service, Google Translator. But do we know what the other best websites for translation are? This article will discuss the 10 best online translators free with which you can translate almost any language to the other one. However, now some translator service providers not only translate your word or sentence but also provide voice translation services. And it is always wise to have information on the alternate service providers. Because if somehow one is unable to offer you the service, you can manage your work with the other service provider.

So, without wasting much of your valuable time, let’s have a look at what are the service providers which provide you the service of an online translator and also have a walk around about their features in detail.

Top 10 Online Translator service

1. Google Translator

Online Translator by Google
Google Translator

As we are very familiar with the translator service of google. Even you use to voice search service of Google to translate any word or phrase or sentence to any other language of your choice. And vice-versa you can even listen to the pronunciation of the translated word. This works on mobile, as well as on the web version of Google. In addition, you can translate a whole document or a web page with Google Translate.

2. Bing Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Bing Translator
Microsoft Bing Translator

This translator works similarly to that Google Translator. And you can also listen to the translated text as you might say that is very common and is available with other online translators too. But the most interesting part is that Bing does offer some additional features along with it. Such as the Translator app for desktop and mobile for instant translation from pic or voice and text. Then you have the conversation web app, where you can start a conversation with any member of another language. Whatever you write during the conversation will automatically convert to other languages your partner or member has chosen. These additional features of Microsoft Bing Translator, make it exclusive.

3. Online Translator by PROMT

Online Translator by PROMT.One
Online Translator by PROMT.One

The online translation service by Prompt is not less in respect comparison to other popular translator service providers in the list. We tried to translate a few sentences, and the result was quite impressive. However, other premium services related to machine translation are also available, such as offline translating software or app for desktop and mobile, which includes support for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, along with cloud support. For more information please refer to its official website.

4. DeepL Translator

DeepL Online Translator
DeepL Online Translator

The online translator service of DeepL also worked fine and along with it we also tried to translate an ebook in PDF format and that too yield good results. However, there were a few issues regarding the formatting of the text. But, the translation was impressive. If you want to translate a document that doesn’t have any complicated formatting in it, we hope it wouldn’t produce any issue in the output. DeeL offers a translation app for Windows PC, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

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5. Translate.com

Translate with Translate.com
Translate with Translate.com

For online machine translation, Translate.com is also a good option. However, you can get a human translation service for an additional cost. And there are separate translation teams or services for different segments, such as business translation, medical translation or technical translation, and so on.

6. imTranslator

Translate online with imTranslator
Translate online with imTranslator

This application has been developed using third-party application codes such as Prompt, Google, or Microsoft Bing Translator. However, according to them, the imTranslator application has been developed keeping in mind all the rules and regulations. However, regarding the applicability of this application, our experience was not bad. Because you are getting a one-stop solution from all the big bull providers in the case of Online translators. As well they are offering extensions and add-ons for almost all kinds of browsers for quick and easy translation. They also offer other supplementary services along with online translations such as spell checker, virtual keyboard, Text-to-speech, document translation, and so on.

7. Translator.Eu

Translator.eu- An online language translator powered by Microsoft Translate.
Translator.eu- An online translator powered by Microsoft Translate.

Almost similar to the previous one in the list, this application or tool has been developed using the translation engine and dictionary of Microsoft. The interface is quite simple and easy to use. However, there are no other extra features packed with it. You can use this application for simple online translation only.

8. Yandex Translate

Online translator service by Yandex
Online translator service by Yandex

Before knowing about the online translation service of Yandex, we must know what Yandex is. Yandex is a popular multinational search engine provider, basically for Russian countries or Russian language-based online users, almost equivalent to Google and Bing. And Yandex also offers translation services similar to Google and Bing. And it offers Site translation, document translation, Image translation, and translation for your business, as additional features. However, if you want to use the Yandex translation service for your business, you might set a budget for it, because it’s not free.

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9. Collins Translator

Translator by Collins
Online Translator by Collins

Collins mainly deals with vocabulary and dictionaries, and online translation is among the other language-based services that are being offered. However, Collins is using the online translation engine of Microsoft. And it offers a maximum of 5000 characters free translation. If you don’t want to type the words which you want to translate, you can just press the microphone button to speak the word or sentence you want to translate and the application will write it for you. Alternatively, you can tap the speaker button to hear the pronunciation of the word or sentence after and before translation. As Collins is using the translation engine of Microsoft, so there is no issue with the satisfaction of the output.

10. Reverso Online Translator

Reverso Online Translator
Reverso Online Translator

. Another excellent online translation tool present in our list is Reverso. You can use this service online directly from your browser or may install an application for instant and quick service. Reverso has presented its quick translation app for Windows PC, iOS, and Android devices and a chrome extension for chrome browsers and chrome books. If you are using any other device and want to access Reverso online translation tool, you can do so using any of the browsers available on your device. The translation service worked fine and even the document translation service is available for free. However, for free users, there are some limitations, but if you want to enjoy unlimited translation service by Reverso, you have to opt for its premium plan with is payable.

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Well, we discussed ten different online tools which you can use as a language translator and their other features and options available. You can use these online translators to communicate with your clients or friends of other languages. Even some of the tools do feature special options for human translation, in specialized domains, so that you can communicate in a better way. Although those specialized services are chargeable. Thus if you require such kind of specialized services then you may opt for it by paying appropriate charges. However, the language we speak may differ from person to person, but the language of our hearts is the same for all of us. We must communicate the language of love, gratitude, and respect for all, which needs no translator for communication. It’s the same for all of us over the globe and is well understood by all.

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