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There are numerous online photo editors present to provide their service of photo editing and designing online. iPiccy is a significant online photo editor among them. You can edit photos online and make photo collages, and also can design graphics and logos as per your requirement.

Each photo editor such as Lunapic, Photofunia, ePhoto360, fotor, etc has its salient features. All the online photo editors differ from one another in some respect or the other. iPiccy is one such photo editor with a simple and powerful editing tool and creates a magnificent look by giving a retouch to your photo.

How iPiccy works for editing your photo online and gives a magnificent look?

The service provided by iPiccy is completely free of cost. You don’t have to spend a single penny for using the service of iPiccy. The effects are so delightful that iPiccy can be considered as an alternative to Photoshop.

To use iPiccy photo editor, you need to have an active internet connection and a browser. It’s not OS-specific, as in the case of Photoshop. And you don’t have to install any software into your system. You can access and use it from any OS and hardware resource. Total functioning is web base, so you don’t have to worry about your local machine resources.

One point that you need to know before you proceed to the editing part. Some of the functionalities will remain inactive if you don’t signup for an account or sign in to it.

How to signup at iPiccy?

So at first, you have to create an account at iPiccy. You may use your Facebook credentials and link with it or you may use your email address to create an account.

Just open your browser and browse the homepage of iPiccy. You will find three options, one for photo editing, the second for making collages, and the third for creating a design. Choose the one as per your requirement.

How to edit photos with iPiccy online photo editor?

If you want to edit a photo, choose the editing option and you will be asked to upload the photo you want to edit. Select the photo as your choice.

iPiccy Online Photo Editor Interface
iPiccy Online Photo Editor Interface.

Once you upload the image, your left side editing panel is ready and you may choose the options are per your requirement to give a retouch to your photo and give magnificent look to your picture.

There are six main tabs in the left panel. The first one is for the basic editor, which mainly contains the sub-options to change or adjust the technicalities of a picture, such as cropping, rotating, resizing, exposure, vibrance, sharpness, color, brightness, or contrast adjustment, and so on.

The second tab is photo effects, under which you find options such as black and white effect, change special, soften the image, color boost, vintage effect, and so on.

The third tab is retouch, under which you will find different face makeover or retouch options such as, blemish fixer, shine remover, blush tool, red-eye fix tool, teeth whiten and lip color change option, hair color change tool, etc.

The fourth option is the designer option to add text, images, and stickers to the image.

The fifth one is the frames or border option, where you can add different types of borders and frames to the image.

Last but not least is the texture option where you get the option to add different types of textures to the image.

How to make Photo Collages with iPiccy?

To create photo collages, you need to switch to the photo collages option. Then from the left panel select the design as per your choice and upload the images. Then drag and drop the uploaded images into the collage segment. Your photo collage is ready.

iPiccy Photo Collage
Photo Collage created on iPiccy.

You can now save the edited photo from the save button above.

How to create graphic or logo design with iPiccy?

For creating graphic design, switch to the graphic design mode and you will get an option to add images, text, and different stickers as per your requirement. Use the one as per your choice, for creating your graphics or logo.

Graphic designed on iPiccy
Example of graphically designed on iPiccy.


Thus while concluding, it can be conferred that iPiccy is a really simple and magnificent online photo-editing application that is very simple and powerful to give you photo a retouch. Photo editing applications such as photoshop are costly and you have to learn to use such professional photo editing applications. In comparison to this, iPiccy is not behind, it can give the same effects, but without spending a single penny from your pocket. And if you are not a professional guy, then also you wouldn’t face any problem using iPiccy online photo editor.

The photo edited on iPiccy does not contain any watermark of the iPiccy brand on the output image. Chrome extension of iPiccy is also available. You can also edit any image from the chrome extension. iPiccy does show ads on its interface, but as the service is completely free, so that issue is compromisable. The developer has to earn some revenue for its hard work of developing such a wonderful web-based photo-editing application. The users don’t have to pay for it.

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