How To Compress And Edit Videos Online? 10 Best Apps

Nowadays, video content creation on YouTube, and Instagram is becoming a trend in common people. And we must agree, most of them are doing it well. But if you are planning to create your video content, publish it on your channel, and become famous, then only shooting videos and uploading will not work. You have to edit the video, to make it presentable, and then you need to compress the videos to reduce the size without losing the quality. After compression, you have to publish the video for your viewers.

There are multiple video editing tools and applications available online, but most of them are chargeable. In our previous post, we discussed one such free video editing tool Clipchamp. And in this article, we will discuss some of the video editing and compression tools, which will let you edit and compress videos at the same time. In the below list, we had discussed the freeware mostly, and some paid applications too which we could not stop ourselves from mentioning because of its pro-level editing and compression features.

1. Edit and compress videos in Premiere Pro

The first application which we will mention in our list is Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Though this application is chargeable, yet if you are thinking of adding amazing effects and animation, which will give your video an amazing cinematographic effect. If you don’t have a budget problem and want something different then you may use this application. This application has 7 days trial option. If you don’t like it, you need not have to pay anything for it.

Compress and edit video with Adobe Premiere Pro
Compress and edit video with Adobe Premiere Pro

2. Compress videos with FreeConverter

FreeConverter offers the feature of numerous types of file conversion and compression such as image, video, music, document, ebook, archive, and lots more. In case of compression of video files, Freeconverter allows you to compress a video file with a maximum of 1GB file size. If you want to compress a file with more than 1GB file size, then you have to opt for a paid plan. Please check its plans in such a scenario.

While compressing a video file with FreeConverter, you would have the privilege to set the compression parameters as per your requirement. FreeConverter also offers apps for Android and iPhone. You may download it from Play Store and Apple Store.

Compress Videos with FreeConverter

3. Edit and Resize your video with is an online video editing application. There are several options and features for video editing such as adding text, music, or photo. Creating intro videos or videos for social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. It also works as a screen recorder, voice recorder, or cam recorder.

However, there are limitations to free usage. Please check the pricing page, before using it. In the case of compressing video files, it is limited to 1GB for free users. Video Compressor
Resize and edit videos with

4. Compress and edit videos with Clideo

Clideo is another excellent video editing and compression online tool. You can add lots of effects to your video such as loop effect, adjust or reverse the speed of the video, add subtitles to the video, and so on. You can also resize or compress your video. However Clideo is not completely free, please check the plans before using it.

Compress video with Clideo

5. Reduce file size and convert videos with Online Converter

This is another excellent tool to convert and video compression tool. Although it has a lot more features such as an Audio converter, image converter, document converter, and ebook converter, along with features to work with the technicalities of such file types. This online tool is too simple and completely free. There is no limitation for the free users.

Video Compression with OnlineConverter

6. Video Compression with Compress Video

Like the previous one which we had discussed, this application is also 100% free. And this application doesn’t offer multiple features. You can only perform the task of compressing video files with this application. And this application has been designed with HTML5 and FFMPEG JS technology. So you need not have to upload the large video file to any server. This application will perform the task of compressing video files within the browser.

Compress Video
Video compress with CompressVideo

7. Compress Video with VideoSmaller

Another simple and small application is, which will let you compress video for free up to a maximum size of 500MB. Although this application or site is a part of and it offers lots of audio, video, image, and document editing features.

Reducing video file size with VideoSmaller

8. Edit and compress video with Online UniConverter

Online UniConverter is another excellent editing cum video compression tool. It offers lots of audio, video, image, and document editing tool. But it’s not completely free, in the case of video compression it is limited to 500MB for free users. If you want to work with a larger file size, you have to opt for the paid plan.

Online UniConverter
Compress video with Online UniConverter

9. Compress Videos with YOUCOMPRESS

This application is the one-stop solution for all types of audio, video, image, and document file types. Select the one you want to compress and it will automatically detect the file type and process it accordingly and produce the resultant output file for download. After the download, you can manually delete the file from the server. The service is completely free.

File compression with YouCompress

10. Video compression with XConvert

Similar to the previous competitors XConvert does offer all types of conversion tools for video, audio, images, and documents. It also includes the video compress tool. The service is entirely free. You may check this application for the conversion or compression of your video file, without compromising the quality.

Edit and compress video with XConvert

Here is another bonus online tool to compress your videos without losing the resolution.

11. Ssemble Video Compressor

With this application, you can compress videos without losing the quality. However, compression to a certain level is possible with these applications. But it’s true that without losing any quality, it’s not possible to compress the video. Either the frame rate or bit rate or the resolution of the video will be compromised to reduce the file size. This application has two modes to compress any video. First is the simple mode, where the software will change the configurations of the video to reduce its size. You just need to select the compression mode and the resolution of the final video. And the other one is the advanced mode, where you have the option to set the bit rate, frame rate, and resolution of the final video. The software will show you the estimated compression size of the final video. Set all the parameters accordingly and then hit the Compress video button after uploading the video. Although, this application has several other features it, such as an online video editor, video cutter, zoom in on video, rotate video, add music to video, add sound effects to video, background remover, Youtube downloader, and Twitter video downloader. Currently, the video compression feature is completely free to use and supports a variety of video formats.

Semble Video Compressor
Semble Video Compressor


In this article, we discussed the online video editing and compression tool. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it on Mac or Windows or Android. All you need is an active internet connection and a browser. You can perform the task of compressing the video files, without consuming the CPU resources of your local drive. Because the web server will perform the tasks on behalf of you.

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