How To Set A Timer And Alarm In Windows 10/11?

It’s very annoying when we miss out on favorite TV shows or recall any other work while working on a computer. Thus if you could set an alarm or a timer in our operating system, then it would alert you on the perfect timing as per your requirement. Let’s say, you have urgent work after 10 minutes and you are in between work on your computer. Then in such a scenario, you can set an alarm or a timer for 10 minutes to alert you and you can easily move for your urgent work.

But how to set an alarm or a timer for 10 minutes on your Windows PC? In this article, we will discuss different possible ways and techniques by which we can set alarms or timers for 10, 20, or 30 minutes as per our requirements. At first, we will see how to set a timer or alarm with the default app on your Windows PC, and then we will look forward to some thirty-party app and site for setting alarm and timer for your desired period.

Set alarm or timer on Windows 10/11 using Cortana

As we all know Cortana is personal productivity assistance by Microsoft. If you are using Windows 10 then Cortana is available on your taskbar. But in the case of Windows 11, you need to open the Cortana app from the Start menu>All Apps Cortana. You have both the option of either by giving written instruction to Cortana or by voice command. If you want to use it via voice command, then click on the microphone button and Cortana is ready to listen to you. For desktop users, you need to connect a microphone to your system to give voice commands to Cortana.

Give the command “Set a timer for 10 minutes” or “Set a timer for 30 minutes” as per your requirement to Cortana. And Cortana will start a timer for your said period and after that time, you will get a notification on your Windows computer. Alternatively, you can set an alarm in the same manner.

Set timer or alarm using the Clock app on Windows 10/11

Click on the Start Menu>All Apps>Clock, to open the Clock app. The default clock application does have the option of setting a timer and alarm in it. It has some present timing set in it, you may change or set a new timer as per your requirement and click on the play button to start the timer.

Set timer and alarm using Windows default Clock app
Set timer and alarm using Windows default Clock app

There goes the Windows default app and its functionalities, but there are sever other online applications which we will talk about next, with which you can set an alarm or a timer for your desired time. And the most interesting part is that it works on all kinds of OS and platforms, all you need is an active internet connection and a browser.

Set timer and alarm with Google

Almost all of us are very much familiar with Google. Google can do this job for you, just open Google search from any browser and you may either type or may give a voice command “Set timer for 10 minutes“. And Google will start a timer for you on its search result page. Once the time you mentioned is achieved it will notify you with sound.

Set timer with Google
Set timer with Google

10 Best Online application to set timer and alarm

1. Online Stopwatch

This website has been designed to set all types of alarms and timers. There are numerous types of times available, such as Race Timers, Classroom timers, Holiday timers, exam timers, and so on. You can choose any one as per your requirement, set a time, and start to use the timer. There are ads on the interface, if you want to remove the ads and use other premium features, then you have to opt for the premium account.

Set Timer with Online Stopwatch
Set Timer with Online Stopwatch

2. Online Countdown Timer

This site is too simple and on the homepage, you will get the field to set the time for the timer. And when the time is over you will get visual effects on the webpage. There is no option for audio notification in this online app.

Online Countdown Timer
Set Timer with Online Countdown Timer

3. vClock

This application is also too simple and well structured and decorated. In the left panel, you will get the option of an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, and time. Select the one as per your requirement. In case you want to set a timer, edit the settings, set time, notification sound, and title. After the scheduled time, the application will prompt you with the notification sound.

Set Timer with vClock

4. Online Timer

This simple is also a too simple one, all you need to set the time and start the timer. It will alert you with a notification sound once the timer archives its setup time.

Online Timer
Online Timer

5. Set Alarm Clock

This is another application for setting alarms and timers. Set the time and go to the settings for setting the timer message and sound. Start the timer and the app will notify you once it’s done. In the same way, you can set an alarm, stopwatch, or counter.

Set Alarm Clock
Set Alarm Clock

6. Countdown- TimerFor

This application is similar to the previous one. Just set the time and if you want sound notification, select the alarm type and click on the Start Timer button. After the scheduled time, it will notify you.

Countdown- TimerFor
Countdown- TimerFor

7. Stopwatch & Timers

This application works similarly. You just need to set the time and notification sound and start the timer. Online the time is achieved the application will notify you with audio notification.

Stopwatch and Timers
Stopwatch and Timers

8. Savvy Time

Another application that works similarly is Savvy Time. Click on the “Timers” tab and set the time. When the desired time is achieved it will notify you with sound notification.

Set Timer with Savvy Time
Set Timer with Savvy Time

9. Timerik

This application behaves similarly, you have to enter into the setting to set the time and sound. It will make an audio notification once the timer timing is achieved. You can similarly set an alarm and stopwatch.

Set timer with Timerik

10. Online Clock

The core functionality is similar to the other one, however, in this application, the developer has introduced something to make it a little different. You can change the background with some video background templates of the timer or alarm.

Set timer with Online Clock
Set timer with Online Clock

11. BigTimer

Click on the time and set the time as per your requirement. The screen is full with a big digital timer clock. After achieving the time, the notification sound will alert you.

Set Timer with BigTimer


Simply set the time and start the timer. After the desired time, the timer will notify you with an audio notification. The interface is too simple.

13. Time and Date

Another wonderful app to set alarms and timers is this. Edit the timer setting to set the time and audio of the notification. Similarly, it will notify you with the notification sound once it is done.

Set alarm and timer with Time and Date
Set alarm and timer with Time and Date

14. Minutes Timer

Just as all others, set a time and it will notify you after the desired time.

Minutes Timer
Minutes Timer

15. 123Timer

This application too offers you to schedule timers, alarms, and stopwatches. Just enter into the setting and set the time, notification sound, and message. It will notify you after the scheduled time.

Set Timer with 123Timer
Set Timer with 123Timer

Set timer with Google Nest or Alexa device

Apart from the computer system, you can well set an alarm or timer with Google Nest or Alexa devices too. Just give a voice command to your device “Ok Google, set timer for 10 minutes” or for Alexa devices, it’s “Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes”. And it will notify you after 10 minutes. This works for Android phones and iPhones.


In this article, we tried to cover almost all possible ways to set an alarm or timer for your desired timing. If we missed out on any point related to our topic or if you are facing any problem working on the points we have mentioned please let us know. We will try our best to resolve your issue.

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