How To Download Free Music Mp3s? 17 Best Sites

You will find multiple sites over the internet for music download. But not all of them do them legally from the piracy point of view. But there are several sites from which you can free royalty-free music. In this article, we will discuss 15 such website which features royalty-free music for download.

And in recent times many enthusiastic users are becoming or some of them are even thinking to become YouTubers by creating Vlogs. And if you are one of them then this article will help you out. Because for creating a fascinating and eye-catching video, you would need background music. But remember that YouTube will not allow you to use any copyrighted music or audio. So you would need royalty-free music for creating your Vlog. Even you can use this royalty-free music for creating your videos and presentations.

So let’s start our search for online free music download sites.

17 best free music download mp3 sites

1. Free Music Archive

This site offers music for use in your YouTube, Facebook, or other podcast media projects. Music Community “Tribe of Noise” acquired this site FMA. So while downloading and using the music file please adhere to the license policy of FMA.

Download free music from FMA
Download free music from FMA

2. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is a place for free music streaming and free download. You will be able to find music from the Independent artist. You can download the music for your personal use. However, if you want to use the music for commercial use, then you have to purchase a subscription plan from Jamendo Licensing.

Free Music from Jamendo Music
Free Music from Jamendo Music

3. Bensound

This site is very much popular for video content creators. Because while watching vlogs on YouTube, you will find the background music of many vlogs is using royalty-free music downloaded from Bensound. So, you may try this site for downloading free music for creating your vlogs and also for your personal use. For adding background music and editing your video you may require a video editor. In such a scenario you may use clipchamp for editing and creating your video and it’s completely free with no watermarks on the output video.

Bensound Royalty free music download
Download Royalty-free music by Bensound

4. YouTube Studio Audio Library

If you are an YouTuber then you must be familiar with this YouTube Studio. And most interesting fact is that YouTube studio provides few free music tracks for the use of background music of the video contents. And you don’t have to give credit or attribution for the use of these tracks. However you should adhere to the YouTube policies for the use of the free music tracks.

YouTube Studio Audio Library
YouTube Studio Audio Library

5. Free Music Download from

There are lots of music which are offered for free download by You may use this free music by downloading it in mp3 format.

Free Music for download by
Free Music for download by

6. Royalty free music downloads by Pixabay

Pixabay is a collection of free images, royalty-free music, videos, vectors, and lots more. So you can download free music from creating vlogs and for other personal uses. The music will be downloaded in mp3 format.

Royalty-free music by Pixabay
Royalty-free music by Pixabay

7. Royalty free music for download by Silverman Sound Studios

Silverman Sound Studios is another great place for royalty-free music. You use these music clips for making YouTube videos, games, adverts, podcasts, and so on. But you are requested to check its terms and condition before using the music files. Because if you are using any music file downloaded from this site, then you must give credit under the Creative Common CCBY license.

Royalty Free Music by Silverman Sound Studio
Royalty-Free Music by Silverman Sound Studio

8. Royalty free music by Mixkit

Mixkit also provides plenty of Royalty-free music which can be used for making YouTube videos, Podcasts, or online advertisements. According to them, attribution is always welcome, however, if someone uses the tracks without any attribution then it wouldn’t matter for them. Although, it is always a good practice to attribute or give credit from which the ingredients are used, keeping the licensing policies alright.

Enjoy unlimited royalty free music by Mixkit
Enjoy unlimited royalty-free music by Mixkit

9. Free Music download from Chosic

There are lots of royalty-free music present at Chosic and are categorized according to mood and genre. The music files present on this website are 100 percent free, even for commercial use. However, some of the music files require attribution, so please check the licensing policy before using and downloading the tracks from Chosic.

Free music by Chosic
Free music by Chosic

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10. Free Music Public Domain

In this domain, you will find a handful of music files that are segregated as royalty-free music. If you want to use these free music files in your YouTube video, personal video, the Facebook post you will need a creative commons license which is completely free. If you want to use this video for commercial purposes which generate income, then you would need to purchase a standard license for the music files.

Royalty-Free Music by Free Music Public Domain
Royalty-Free Music by Free Music Public Domain

11. Take Tones

This site provides lots of royalty-free music. But its not completely free. You have to subscribe a plan for download and usage of the tracks in social media and commercial videos. Please refer to the subscription plan for more info.

Take Tones
Royalty free music with Take Tones

12. Free Music Download with Audionautix

Audionautix feature royalty-free music download both for personal and commercial use. Only you have to give credit to Audionautix, if you are using any music from this site for commercial or public use. Lots of free music tracks are available here, you can navigate this site to listen and download the free mp3 music tracks.

Absolutely free music tracks by Audionautix

13. 100% Free Music by Freepd

This site features all the music that are licensed under CC0 1.0 universal public domain dedication. You can download the mp3 tracks and use it for creating social media videos. However there are two paid plan, which have more previledges.

Free Music by Freepd

14. Hooksounds

`This site also loaded with tons of royalty-free music. But the music files are not completely free for use to the users. If you want to use those royalty free music file then you need to subscribe the paid plan. We would recommend you to refer to the licensing plans for more information.

Royalty Free Music by Hooksounds


CCTRAX is also loaded with lots of free music, however not all the tracks are usable for commercial purposes. So please check the license info while downloading any music file from this site.

Download free music by CCTRAX

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This site features free music file for personal use. But if you want to use this for commercial use or for monetization then you have to purchase royalty-free license.

Free music at JoshWoodWard

17. Scott Buckley

This site too contains several free music tracks that are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which means that you can use this tracks both for personal and commercial use, but you have to give to credit to the owner for the public or commercial use of the track. You may check this site for free music download.

Scott Buckley
Free music download from Scott Buckley


Thus in this article we tried to present before you a long list of sites which feature royalty-free music to its users. However some of them charge for paid subscription plan and some are completely free, while some demands credits and attributes for public or commercial use. So we would suggest to check the licensing information while downloading any music file from these sites. Otherwise you may be penalised for license infringement. And if you are using these music file for YouTube vlogs, YouTube may block your content for not adhering to the licensing policy. And if you follow the license policies then you would really love the music contents of the above mentioned websites.

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