8 Best Free Speech-to-text Web Apps For Your PC

Technology is advancing in every sphere, and this advancement has presented an excellent tool, to boost your productivity. If you are working in the field of data transcription or journalism or might be working on a project where you have to write long journals, then this article will help you to boost your productivity by saving you valuable time in writing the journals. Yes as you might have understood from the heading of this article, we are going to discuss the best 8 speech-to-text applications, with which you can easily take text notes or convert audio to text.

Different people use different systems, thus in our blog we mostly discuss web-based applications. These web-based applications or tools generally work on all kinds of devices and systems. Whether you are working on Mac or Windows or Chrome OS or Linux PC or Mac or an Android operating system. All you need is an active internet connection and a browser on your device(preferably Google Chrome Browser).

In this article, we are going to discuss 8 different free web-based speech-to-text applications, which can be accessed from any kind of device. However, if the application is developed using the Google Speech Recognition engine, then it might only be compatible with the Google Chrome browser, and iPhones and iPad may lag. In case you are using the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone or iPad, then you may use those applications.

Top 5 free web-based Speech-to-text apps


SpeechTexter is a completely free web-based voice-to-text application that supports more than 70 languages. We had made several trials on this application with multiple languages and the result was simply outstanding with more than 90% accuracy. No download or installation of any kind of application into your system is required for the use of this application. This application is built using Google Speech recognition API. But the only drawback of this application is that it only runs on the desktop-based Chrom browser and a few other browsers of Android OS. This application is not supported on iPhones and iPads. However, we expect the developer will work on this issue and will make it work on all kinds of devices and browsers. An android app has been developed for quick access, which is available on Google Play Store.

Free web-based voice-to-text app- SpeechTexter

2. Dictation

This application has been developed by Mr. Amit Agarwal, who is a very inspiring person to us, as he has left a major footprint in the field of blogging and computer technology. Although this application is also developed using the Google Speech Recognition engine. Thus the same problem persists in this application too, i.e., it is only compatible with Chrome browser. iPhones and iPads are not compatible with this application. The interface of this application is impressive with the appearance of a notebook page, where the notes are being taken. There are a few command texts which can be used to add special characters or punctuations and so on.

Free Speech-to-text web app- Dictation.io

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3. Dictanote

This application works in the same manner as that of the others, however, there are a few additional options to add images or table and formatting options. Voice command to add punctuations, special characters, quotes, and brackets are also available in this application. The most interesting part of this application is that you need to signup to use it. And whatever you convert or write will be saved in the cloud, so that whenever you sign in with the same account on some other device, you can access the same. This application is supported on the Google Chrome browser only. However, you can use the editing features on other browsers and devices such as iPhones and iPads, but the voice-to-text option will not be available.

The Chrome extension of this application is also available, which can be used to write emails, blogs, and other text on your Google Chrome browser, with the speech-to-text feature. There is a pro version of this application is also available with a few added and custom features. A transcription option is also available, with which you can transcribe audio files or YouTube videos into texts. Although these features are chargeable.

Transcribe your speech-to-text with dictanote
Transcribe your speech-to-text with dictanote

4. Textfromtospeech

This application is completely free in case of online speech-to-text feature is concerned. You can simply start your dictation with this web app by hitting the “Start Dictation” button. Like others on the list, you can use some pre-configured commands to understand the speech recognition engine, which you want to add. Such as if you want to add punctuation marks, then just pronounce it and the punctuation will be added to the sentence. after your voice typing is over, you can simply save or print or share the text content very easily.

Some additional features are available, such as transcribing any recorded audio or video and voice recorder service along with text-to-speech service. However, for transcribing any pre-recorded audio or video file, you need to register to the transcription software “AudioScripto”. Although the same parameters persist for using this application. You need to use the Google Chrome browser to access this application for speech recognition service.

convert speech-to-text and transcribe audio and video files for free with textfromtospeech online app

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5. Voice notebook

The interface of this application might not be so much attractive, but concerning its working, it is not left behind. The web-based application works only on the Chrome browser. Whether you are using Windows or Mac or Linux or Android OS, you need to have Google Chrome browser installed in your system, to work with this application. You can directly start the dictation by hitting the “Start recording” button, and the system will recognize your speech and convert it to text directly. This application also has the command for punctuation and special characters as others.

Take voice dictation with the Voice Notebook app

If you want to transcribe any audio or video on Youtube, click the “Transcription” button. The field to put the Youtube record ID will open up. You just need to copy and paste the Youtube record ID of the Youtube video which you want to transcribe and hit refresh. The video will get loaded on the page. Now just play the video and click again “Star recording” button. The application will start transcribing the audio of the video that is playing on the page.

This application also has the Chrome extension for writing emails or blogs, on the Google Chrome browser. It also has direct apps for Android and iOS, for offline use. This application provides a module for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

If you are aware of how to find the record ID of the Youtube video, you need to copy it from the URL of the video or may find it by clicking on the share button.

Record ID of the Youtube video

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6. Temi

Though Temi is not a direct speech-to-text application, however, it is a good transcription software, which can transcribe recorded audio files well. You can also transcribe video files hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or Facebook. Alternatively, if you want to transcribe any video from Youtube, you can convert the Youtube video to mp3, by extracting its audio part and then transcribing the audio with Temi. Although, Temi is just free to use for the first time, with under 45 minutes of transcription media. And after that, you have to pay $0.25 per minute basis.

We made a trial, to observe the result, and we are quite satisfied with it. If the audio is clear with less or no background noise, then you can expect 90 to 95 percent accuracy. You can download the transcribed text in docx, pdf, txt, srt, and vtt formats and can also share the text with someone else via email addresses.

Temi- Web-based transcription application
Temi- Web-based transcription application

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7. VoiceToText

This is another application with which you can convert your voice to text. All you need to have Google Chrome browser installed on your system. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. However, this application does not work on iPhones or iPad. This application works on the Google speech recognition engine. The mechanism is not different from others on the list. It is provided with a set of commands for punctuation and special characters. You can use this application for a reverse process also which is text-to-voice, provided below. The application is completely free to use and totally web-based application.

Convert and take dictation with the Voicetotext web app

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8. Lilyspeech

Though this application is not a web-based application, still we could not resist ourselves to put it forward before you. This application is a free and Windows-based application. And most importantly if you want to use speech-to-text-based writing on your Word or Notepad or email, then you can use this application. This application is completely free to download and use. To start your voice typing you first need to launch the application after installation. A window will open up with the customization features. For proper functionality, select the appropriate language and other options. Now an open word, email, notepad, or any application where you want to type your text with voice. You may either click on the floating microphone button on the top-right side of your desktop or may simply use the hotkey Ctrl+D, to start the speech recognition engine work.

Windows-based speech-to-text application- Lilyspeech
Windows-based speech-to-text application- Lilyspeech

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Thus, from the above reviews, we find that most of the web-based speech-to-text application has been developed using the Google Speech Recognition engine. Therefore they need to be opened with the Google Chrome browser for proper functionality. Few of them are provided with Windows or Mac or iOS-based applications (Such as the Voice Notebook app), for the direct functioning of their respective operating system. Some of them are provided with a transcription facility also to convert audio or video to text. Although there are a few dissimilarities between the different web-based applications listed above, we can sum up that the interface is different for different applications, but the main functionality is almost the same.

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