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Editing images, giving effects to them, and creating different avatars, is very common in today’s world. And there are several applications and online photo editing tools available, but among them, Lunapic is really appreciable. Most of the online photo editing tools perform very specific tasks. In this regard, it can be said Lunapic is fit to perform a wide range of tasks, which we will be discussing in this article.

Lunapic is not far behind any professional photo editing software or application. And the interface is not too complex as any other professional photo editing software. Even a novice user will be able to use it and get the desired output.

How to edit photos on Lunapic?

Now, let’s see how Lunapic works. For that, you have to visit the home page of Lunapic.

Lunapic Home Page
Lunapic Home Page

After the upload of the image file is over, you will find your image in an edit window. However, the edit window is not a complicated one.

Lunapic Edit window
Lunapic Edit window

How to change the physical properties of the image from Lunapic?

If you just want to change the physical properties of the image file, then you don’t have to browse other options from the menu bar. The options or links to change the physical properties of the image is available on the upper side of the image position. These options are also available under the Edit menu.

Changing the physical properties means, changing the dimension, file size, file extension or type, change of jpg quality, cropping of the image, change the scale, rotation of the image, or making the background transparent.

How to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and color balance of the image?

All kinds of image adjustment tools are present under the Adjust menu. Just select the option, whatever you want to do with the image. For example, we tried to change the adjust the color of our object image and did it by adjusting the basic color sliders. Once you are satisfied with the effect, click on the apply button.


Lunapic Color Adjust
Lunapic Color Adjustment

Similarly, you can change or adjust other effects of the image.

How to change an image into a cartoon in Lunapic?

Yes, this feature is also present in Lunapic. Select the stained Glass option from the Draw menu and adjust the slider as per your requirement. This will render your picture, a cartoon effect.

Even under the Effect menu, you will get the Cartoon option, which will also give your picture cartoon effect.


Cartoon effect Lunapic
Render Cartoon effect to your picture in Lunapic

What else can be done in Lunapic?

You can add clipart pics, texts, and many more effects from the Draw menu.

And add a customized border to the image from the Border menu.

You can also add filters to the image and add different effects to the image from the Filter and Effects menu respectively.

Also, you may add art effects to your image from the Art menu.


How can you add animated effects to the photo in Lunapic?

This is an added feature that Lunapic offers to its user. In most cases, it is seen that 2D editing applications, do not support animated effects. only professional editing software, do offer this kind of animated effect.

Thus Lunapic has developed its web-based application not less in any respect than any professional photo editing software.

You can select the animated effects from the Animation menu. Here are some examples of the animated effects, of the object picture we have chosen. however, there are many more effective options there, you may choose as per your requirement.

Lunapic Animation effect
Lunapic Animation effect 1
Lunapic Animation Effect 2
Lunapic Animation Effect 2

How to save edited images in Lunapic?

You need to download or save the image into your local drive when your editing is all over. For that, you may go to the File menu and save the image in a proper format, because if the image is not saved in the appropriate format, then it may lose its effect. You may use the shortcut key Ctrl+S to save the image.

You can also share the images directly from Lunapic to Facebook, Imgur, Pinterest, Twitter, or Google Photos.


Thus to conclude, it can be said that Lunapic is an excellent online photo editing application, which provides almost all the professional photo editing options to its users. And most importantly, the service of Lunapic is completely free. In most cases, such professional services are not offered to its users at completely no cost.

Lunapic also has a Chrome Extension. By installing this extension, into your Chrome browser, you will get the Edit image with Lunapic option, which you browsing any image and right-click on it.

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