Easily delete a page of Microsoft word document? Full guide

Sometimes it happens that within a long word document, a page in between needs to be removed or deleted. Or it often happens that while creating a new word document, a blank page gets added to the last page of the document. Thus to get rid of such problems or to delete your required page from the middle of the document, you must know how to easily delete a page in word.

Deleting a page in a Microsoft word document can be done in two ways. First is the manual process, but doing it manually may mess up the formatting of the document. Secondly is using any tool or command, which does not involve any manual deleting and reformatting of the document. Let’s have a look at how to delete any page in a Microsoft word document, both manually and using any tool.

How to delete a page in a word document using a manual process?

The manual process is a little cumbersome process because if you delete a page manually, the formatting of the letter pages of the Word document may get affected. If there are any static images in the later pages of the Word document, the position of the image may not change relatively, which may disturb the formatting of the document. However, it’s on the safer side to know the manual process of deleting page(s) in a Word file.

To delete a page in word, first select the content of the page you want to delete. And then press the backspace or delete button of your keyboard. The process is too simple, however, this may affect the formatting of the whole document. If such a situation occurs, you have to correct the formatting of the document manually. This will increase the task of resetting the format once again.

How to delete a page of a Word document using a tool or command?

If you want to use any tool or command provided by the Word application itself, then follow this step. To delete a page, either just be on the page and click anywhere on it. Now press Ctrl + G buttons together and a window of “Find & Replace” will appear. Select the “Go To” tab. In the field “Enter page Number”, type \page and click on the “Go To” button. Don’t forget to be on the “Page” menu under the “Go to what:” field.

Selecting content for deleting a page in word document
Selecting content for deleting a page in word document

In doing so, all the contents of the current page will get selected. Now press the backspace or delete key, to delete the page along with all the contents of that specific page.

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How to delete a blank page generated at the end of the Word document?

Sometimes the word processor itself generates and includes an end paragraph at the end of the word document. Thus unknowingly a blank page automatically adds up at the end of the word document, depending on, where you are ending the content of the document. And it’s very difficult to remove the end paragraph and delete the blank page at the end of the document.

To view the paragraph denotation on your word document, you have to press Ctrl. + Shift +8 keys together. Now select the last paragraph mark by double-clicking on it. And then change the font size to 01.

Double click to select the end paragraph mark.
Double click to select the end paragraph mark.

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