How To Unblock A Friend On Facebook? Full Guide

Sometimes you will come with people who are very much annoying or may cause a nuisance with you over the internet via any social media platforms such as Facebook or maybe in our practical life too. You might be knowing better how to handle such situations or cases in our practical life because every individual has their way of living. The way of thinking is not the same for every individual. However, we are not here to discuss the philosophical thoughts of people. Thus we can switch our subject to the other part. That is what can be done or how to block someone if such a thing happens on a social media platform such as Facebook. And also how to reverse your action of Facebook unblock, when he has corrected his approach or is repentant about his wrongdoing.

We are here to make you aware of the technical skills or know-how of the subject we are talking about. So let’s see how to block someone who is on your friend list and then we will see how to unblock someone on Facebook. Because sometimes we don’t find the menu settings, from where to block or unblock a friend on Facebook.

How to block a friend on Facebook?

To block any friend who is annoying you on the social media platform, you first have to log in to your Facebook account. Then click on the friends’ list on the left side panel of your Facebook login.

View friend list on Facebook
Friend list of your Facebook account

once the friend list opens up, you will see the list of your friends on the left panel. You will find three dots menu on every fiend’s ID. Click on the three dots menu of the friend whom you want to block. You will find four options by clicking on the three dots menu. The first option is for messaging personally, the second is for unfollowing, the third is for blocking and the last one is for completely throwing that person out of your friend list, that is unfriend.

how to block someone on Facebook
How to block a friend on Facebook.

If you want to stop seeing posts but keep the person on your friend list, then select the option of “unfollow a friend”. And if you want to temporarily block a friend then you may choose the option of “block friend”. If you don’t want to keep any kind of relationship with a person, then you may choose the option of “Unfriend someone”.

In case you want to block someone, select the block option and you will be viewed a disclaimer message. Select the confirm button if you are sure about blocking someone on Facebook.

How to block a friend on Facebook.

Now if you want to unblock a friend on Facebook, whom you have already blocked in the past or by mistake. Follow the steps mentioned below to unblock a friend.

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How to unblock someone on

When you want to unblock a friend on or the desktop web version of Facebook, you need to click on the down arrow menu on the right-top corner and select the option “Settings & Privacy”, then under it, you will get “Settings” option, select that. You will find a menu on the left panel of the window, which will contain the “Blocking” option. On choosing the “Blocking” option, you will find a list of your friends whom you have already blocked. You will also find an “Unblock” link after every name of the friends whom you have blocked.

Facebook unblock settings details
Unblock someone on Facebook, setting details.

From the list, choose the one whom you want to unblock and click on the “Unblock” link beside the name. After that you will get a confirmation message, just click on the Confirm button. And the person is unblocked on Facebook, and will be able to receive messages, view timeline messages, or may even tag you. This is how you will be able to unblock someone on Facebook via the desktop website of Facebook. Now, if you are using an app of Facebook and want to do the same task via that app, then how will you do it. Let’s move on to our next part, where we will be able to know, how to unblock someone via the Facebook app with your Smartphone.

How to Unblock a friend on Facebook via Facebook app with you smartphone?

The procedure is somewhat the same as that of the web version of Facebook. However, there are very few differences. In the case of the Facebook app, click on the three-line menu or the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the app. Then click on the “Settings & Privacy” menu and then under it select the “Blocking” option and the list of the blocked friends will generate with an “Unblock” option after every blocked individual’s name. Click on the appropriate link.

Setting details about how to Facebook unblock a friend on mobile app.
Setting details about how to Facebook unblock a friend on the mobile app.

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Thus, the process shown above will help you out to block or unblock someone on Facebook as per your requirement. Hope this will be helpful to you when such incidents occur and you need to block someone or vice versa. But it’s always advisable to all to keep healthy relationships with your friends so that you don’t have to face such a situation, where someone is blocking you from your social media life. If you have seen any video on Facebook and want to download it and view it offline, you may read how to download Facebook videos easily.

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    1. Thanks for your visiting us and giving your valuable comment. It would be our pleasure if you enjoyed reading our articles and benefit you in any way. Please do visit us more.

    1. Thanks for your visiting us and giving your valuable comment. It would be our pleasure if you enjoyed reading our articles and benefit you in any way. Please do visit us more.

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