Are You Planning To Upgrade To Windows 11 Immediately?

The official release of Microsoft’s Windows 11 is not very far. Already Microsoft has announced its official release date, which is the 5th of October, 2021. Although, there is a big problem for the old hardware users. Microsoft had released a PC Health Checker software, which will tell you whether your PC is compatible with Windows 11 upgrade or not. However, you may install it from Windows 11 ISO download file.

Windows 11 PC Health Check Application
Windows 11 PC Health Check Application

The system requirements for the installation of Windows 11, require such features, which the old configurations can not meet. Even though you are using a system with high configuration RAM or Processor but of older technology, your system would be regrated while upgrading to Windows 11.


Upgrading Windows 11 For The New Generation PC

If you are using a system with at least 8th Generation Intel Processor or AMD Zen+ Processor or above, then you will be able to upgrade your system directly from Windows 10. And in such a case, you will receive updates for Windows 11 from time to time, which will resolve its bugs.

An Alternative Way To Install Windows 11 From The ISO File For Older PC

But for the older system users, Microsoft had opened an alternative pathway to install Windows 11, in their system. If your hardware is not compatible, then you can install Windows 11 manually from the ISO file. However, as Windows 11 is still not officially released, so you will now be able to download the Insider Preview version. And the download of the ISO file is still not available for all. For that, you need to register yourself for the Windows Insider program. Once you are registered then, you will be able to download the Windows Insider Preview ISO file.

Before downloading the Insider Preview ISO file, you have to select the edition and the language. Once you confirm the edition and language, the Insider Preview version ISO file will start downloading into your system. The size of the ISO file is approximately 5GB.

You can then create a bootable pen drive or CD or DVD and install it manually using Rufus or any other bootable drive creating software. However, if you need detailed information regarding creating a bootable pen drive and installation, then please leave a comment in the below comment section. We will create a separate article on this topic about how to create a bootable thumb drive and its pros and cons.

Is It All Right To Install Windows 11 On An Incompatible Older PC Using Windows 11 ISO download File?

Though the installation of the Windows 11 Operating System on an older incompatible PC is possible because installing using the ISO file will bypass the system check. However, Microsoft didn’t assure for update or support for the incompatible systems. Thus we don’t recommend you to install and use Windows 11 on your older incompatible PCs until Microsoft assures their support.



Despite the increasing craze of Windows 11, whether you are using an updated system or not, we recommend you hold your update until Windows 11 become a stable one. In the very beginning, it may contain bugs, which may hamper your work. Thus after a few days of its official release, when Microsoft receives bug reports from its user and resolves them, you may then update your system.


While concluding we must say that if you are using your system for your professional work, then we advise you to hold your update for a while. Or you may install Windows 11 parallelly with another stable operating system, which you are using currently. So that it does not affect your current working status. Once Windows 11 becomes stable, you may upgrade your system to Windows 11.

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